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PaperTrails Log - Advanced Logging and Log management (v0.5.0)



Just want to express that I am very happy with “papertrails”

The change to wintertime resulted in some unplanned behaviour of my homey flows.
Papertrails made it really easy to track down the mistakes in my flows. Made some adjustments in the conditions…
Within 2 days my flows are running as desired again.

Thanks! Great app.

(PS:I have papertrails running all the time, so not just for debugging. I have logging for every then and else I have. This makes it really easy to find issues in the flows)


Thanks @FKey and everyone supporting PaperTrails Log
@Canedje still thinking about a search, the start for it is there now with Filtering :wink:

Updated the app and published: (Now Alpha 2018-11-04)

Version 0.5.0

  • add Filter option on Log viewer
  • cleanup some code
  • Remove option to choose not to append!
  • Enter only one 0 in the Log filed to ignore or stop logging (after adding Logging to all flows).
  • fixed someting with the Z-Wave import.
  • Changed separator between time and log to
  • Added an App name, Prefix first word with $ to have a App Name
    Time - AppName - Message
  • Added option to send to a default syslog server.
  • Added option to Import Z-Wave Log.


Sounds good. Thanks :+1:t2:
I will wait for the Betha version. I think a filter will work already


I just installed the newest version.
Filter works very nice. Thanks!
I’m happy


Is PaperTrails ready for Homey 2.0 (2.x)?


Not yet completely but basic logging works, will have to find some time next week to do additional testing and update the app.

Homey 2.0.0 Community App Compatibility List

Since this Morning PaperTrails often stopped working. Restart helps a Moment but crashing then again.


Since today I have an hour of-set. If I create a log, the time in the log is 1 hour behind the actual time of my Homey. In developers / system I see the correct time (but also the 1 hour earlier time):

I am on Homey Firmware Versie: 1.5.13 and App version v0.5.0

What can I do to get the timing right again?


Your time is right. NL = UTC +1. For log files (like paper trails) it is a good practice to translate time to UTC.



Till today these times were in sync. What has changed? And, how do I translate time to UTC?

Time is in sync again :slight_smile:
A restart of the App made no difference. A day later Homey rebooted (every day at noon) and now the time stamp is correct again. I bet that reboot was what made it work again.


I tried to download the logfile. It made the Homey app (Android) crash! I’m on latest versions. :face_with_thermometer:


I use Papertrials to log to my ubuntuserver syslog but i see always a difference in time.
The logging from homey to syslog is always 1 hour early, GMT i think.
logging from other things to my ubuntuserver syslog has the correct time.
When logging to the local papertrials file i have the correct time.

Did also reboot of homey like you did but i see no difference.


Anyone able to download the logfile?


Try download from https://developer.athom.com/tools/app-settings
As it is not possible in the mobile app.
Don’t know if Athom will fix it but I will make a note in the settings that it doesn’t work from the mobile.


That works!!! Thanks a lot @Dijker


Hi Aart,
Sorry I missed your msg.
What is your Timezone (Where does your Homey Live) and what time do you see in:

I use internally and send the UTC/ Zulu time in my app ( var logDate = new Date(); )

For me it is in developer.athom.com/tools/system:

|dateHuman|“dinsdag 5de maart 2019 21:43:20”|

and in Papertrails Log I see:

[2019-03-05T20:43:40.035Z] test 21:43

in my Syslog server PapertriailsApp.com configured for TimeZone Amsterdam (GMT+1) I see:

Mar 05 21:43:40 [PQR-HomeyV2.0] test 21:43

and although is sounds maybe strange but this is what I expect.

If I change my PapertrailsApp.com display setting to UTC (GMT+00:00) it displays as in the internal text log:

Mar 05 20:43:40 [PQR-HomeyV2.0]test 21:43

So I guess your other things log in GMT and not in UTC

It could have to do with the configuration of RFC5424 settings: (https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5424)


Hello Dijker,

So there is no problem.

I made a test flow which gives the time in the local papertrials log and also on my syslog server.
local (on the Homey)
[2019-03-06T14:42:02.239Z] Tijd is 15:42
syslog server:
Mar 6 14:42:02 Tijd is15:42

De syslog server is ubuntu 16.04 and is logging for 2 years also info from my router (draytek)
cat timezone

Time Server pool.ntp.org
Time Zone (GMT +01:00) Europe/Amsterdam
Enable Daylight Saving V

In the Papertrials config i have Geek[zulu time], but normal seconds gives the same output

What do you think about this?

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I guess your router logs the local time and Ubuntu doesn’t correct the logged time with the local time to display on your interface.

For me the most logical to configure is:

  • let everything operate on UTC
  • let everything communicate and log in UTC
  • for display/local operation configure the Timezone.
  • At my syslog I can choose to display everything in the Timezone I want.

For what I can see this works as expected for me.


Hey guys,

I am working on updating the PaperTrails App,
For Homey version 2.0 I have to remove some features that won’t work anymore.
These Feature have to be removed:

* Option to Import Z-Wave Log.
* Automatic Adding & Removing Logging to All Flows with a Prefix.
* Migrating Flows from Simple Log.

The option to Import from Z-wave will be removed anyway, please PM me if you used it…

The option to download your log file will only be available on the Developer dashboard ( https://developer.athom.com/tools/app-settings )

But before I work on it ans publish a update I have some Questions for current- and new users of Papertrails:

Have you Updated Homey: (All Votes are anonymous)

  • I Updated to v2.0
  • I wait, I am still on Homey v1.5

0 voters

Would you like to have a separate web dashboard to view the Log or will you use the mobile app and Homey developers?

  • Mobile App and Homey Developer works for me good enough
  • Please create a separate Dashboard (Website)

0 voters

Have you used the “Magic” to add Papertrails logging automagicaly to each flow and would you like it back in 2.0?

  • I used Add Papertrails to each Flow
  • I would like to have that function working in 2.0
  • I don’t care if the option to add to each flow wil not come back

0 voters

Thanks for your time and Answering!


This way of downloading does not work anymore. Something changed?