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Philio / Zipato PAN04 switch values incorrect in Philio app

Hi, I am having big troubles with this double switch from Zipato / Philio using the Philio app (@Robin_van_Kekem). I can add the switch and it will create a 3 devices, switch A / switch B and switch A&B combined.

How it SHOULD work is as follows. If you press Switch A, it should obviously enable switch output A but it will also enable the A&B one. If you press Switch B, it should enable B, and also here A&B which acts as a ‘total’ device for power etc.

What actually happens is really strange, it seems that there is some kind of mix up, because when I activate B, also A gets activated. When I manually activate A&B, also A gets activated, so it seems the the switch values have been mixed up…

This is basically confirmed here: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/philio-pan04-multichannel-problem/15011/16

Where the switch values should be 1 for A, 2 for B and 3 for the combined one, it seems to be setup as 1 for the combined, 2 for A and 3 for B…

Is there any way this can be fixed? It quite unusable at the moment…@Robin_van_Kekem, please assist. I was very happy with the Philio app, but this is quite the roadblock for me ;).

Unfortunately no response yet, hope @Robin_van_Kekem can take a look soon, the switch is not really usable at the moment because of this issue… Thanks.