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Philips Hue Dimmer Switch - Zigbee




I just bought a set of philips Hue White E27 bulbs and the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch. I connected them directly using the Philips Hue zigbee app (without bridge). So far everything works like a charm.

Now I try to figure out how to use the dimming options from the switch in a flow. I can select “Dim-up hold” But what do I put in the “than” column to make the light go brighter as long as I hold the button?


I don’t own a Hue dimmer, but the dimmer that I am using has a tag that I can use on my dim-level on my lamp:

In my case I use it to feed a math.js function:

You can literally drag-and-drop it to the target field. (it may not respond very quickly but it does work)

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


I found the solution. I made a flow using the card “Dim Hold Up”. In the than column I added the philips hue light “relative brightness”. In this case I used +21%. So it will get brighter in steps of 21%. I added a similar flow to lower the brightness.

With the percentage you can adjust the speed (step-size) of the dimming. In the screenshot I use 2 bulbs, as there are 2 bulbs in the same room. I control them with a single remote.

Total I have 4 flows for this remote:
-On button --> turn on
-Off button --> turn off
-DIm-up button --> Dim-up using relative brightness
-Dim-down button --> Din-down using relative brightness.

Like this all buttons are working as they are supposed to :slight_smile:


Good to hear (or read is more accurate :wink: )
It does feel a bit ‘strange’ to me. You would expect that with the ‘hold’ it would dim or brighten continuously up to the point where you release it :slight_smile:

So for that to work in the Homey landscape, I guess you would have to create a loop that continuously raises or lowers by 1% (or more or less depending if you want it faster or slower) and that the loop breaks when you release the button.

These kind of setups really show the limitation of Homey (In that it can only handle ‘if this then that’ statements)


I think if you would change the 21% variable to 1% it will be kinda smooth (not tried yet). But for me steps of 21% are fine as the lights are in my bathroom and 95% of the time I keep them on the same brightness setting (+/-60%). But now at least I can turn the brightness up when cleaning the bathroom for example


Trying to get the dimmer working directly to homey in 2.0. Device added without a problem but not reacting when trying to activate flows with it.

Anybody with the same issues?


Almost. My Dimmer Switches was working on the beginning. After a reboot they dont work anymore.