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Philips Hue Zigbee

Same issue here after latest 2.0.11 after a reboot of the app they work for a while again but not as reliable anymore as before. No changes made in zigbee network.

I Just want to give some credits to [@johan_bendz], im running on V5 RC34 and finally having all my Philps bulps etc. running on homey without bridge.
Aldo I hat to do a complete reset of the Homey zigbee, it all works flawless.
Yes I did add all routers first :wink:
no problems with Philips, Ikea and Aqara anymore.
The work restoring the flows is word working on when I saw the result.

Great job and a big thanks to all the “o so needed” developers.



Just got the Cher Pendant, and it’s not recognized by the app, just shows as a generic zigbee device. Any plans to add support for it?

Create a new issue on github with this information, then he will plan to add the device.

Homey <V4:

Missing a Philips Hue device?
Here is a short guide when you want to request a new device to be added.

  1. Add the device to Homey as a Generic Zigbee device
  2. Tap and hold the device in the Homey app
  3. When in the device tap properties in the upper right corner
  4. Take a screenshot of the properties which will contain the info needed, see example below
  5. Link to the device on www.meethue.com

Make requests by adding it as an issue on GitHub https://github.com/sebbebebbe/com.philips.hue.zigbee/issues.

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Hi @Sputnik, it’s supported in the firmware 5 version but with an older Product ID, I will add this new Product ID to next update.