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Philips LivingColors gen 1


Is it possible to control the Philips LivingColors gen 1 (https://www.philips.be/c-p/LCS5003_12/livingcolors-floral) with Homey? My remote (2.4 GHz) died a few months ago and now I’m stuck to 1 color…


Best place to find an answer is the search :

Thank you, but I don’t think the Gen 1 will connect with Hue? And I don’t have a Hue hub so testing that is not an option

That depends on which ‘version’ of the Gen1 the later ones can. I have two “gen1” livingColors which I was able to connect to the Hub.

From what I understand the LivingColors used a edited version or perhaps even a pre-release version of zigbee.

Depends on the version indeed. Easiest way to check is if you still know what remote it came with intially. Only the earliest models talk a different protocol. Based on the picture you can verify if it talks zigbee or not but looking at the link you posted I am afraid that you are out of luck.

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Some of the later livingColors with the v1 remote were actually v2 devices.

This is what I had, but yes generally speaking you are correct with a tiny exception.

It’s definitely the Gen1 that I have. I now have it connected to a smart plug so I can turn it on/off with Homey but that’s it :sweat_smile:. Maybe I’ll search a new remote so I can change the color now and then…

Where do you live @DidierVU? I have some of these remotes floating around, which I don’t use.

Belgium. Not really nearby… :crazy_face: