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Philips Sensor > Luxaflex (lower with 10 cm if Lux = 10.000) possible?

Thanks Rogier, i completed some of the steps in the tutorial but can’t figure out to make the flows. I think this is just too far out of my league for now and it would take you too much time for me to understand what i’m doing using Skype. I chose to buy Homey instead of working with HASS or Domoticz because of my lack of programming knowledge. So i’m really hoping for an in-app possibilty in the future to make this work.

You’ve asked me why I want this to work the way I want it to work. It’s because the position of my garden is S/SE. In the afternoon, the sun goes down which results in more light entering the room. I could close the Luxaflex fully with the first ray of direct light but that would take away the view on the garden form inside the living room. Therefore I would like to lower the luxaflex with the same pace the sun is going down.

I am thinking about extended the app, but I need to take some time do it with also many others things pending…

I also don’t want to create 2 apps for the exact same product (and I don’t think Athom will even allow it), so the changes also will need to be reviewed and merged by HUSS (the company that created Homey the app for Luxaflex). This all can take some serious time.

So in the mean time the offer stands to guide you via Skype :slight_smile: Just let me know via a PM, I’ll be glad to help out.

Hi - just join this forum. I have the LuxaFlex PowerView top/down Duette curtains based on the PowerView Hub 2.0. I have seen that there is a PowerView App for Homey to control the curtains but not sure what is excatly in this app… What I want to be able to make is a flow that will control my curtains base on sun intensity sensor(s) (e.g. from Hue or Fibaro sensor) e.g. curtains down x% when the light intensity (LUX) is above 10.000 lux for more that y minutes and curtains up when the light intensity is below x-z lux for aa minutes. Reason: to protect the furniture from UV and keep the house cool. If possible I also need the function to control the top down function of the curtains to set winter scenes. Reason: in the winter time our garden is quite open and want to prohibit people to look in while still having natural light into the house. And in the summer to protect our wooden floors where we do not have the expensive leather furniture :wink: (PS: I do not yet have the Homey setup - as I’m looking for a smart home system that can support the above :-)) Cheers, Steen

Hi Steen, this is possible, but not (yet) via the app. The app can only trigger predefined scenes (which might be good enough).

Please see my extensive tutorial if you want to be able to directly control the blinds right now.



Hi Rogierhofboer
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:
I have already taken a look at your fine and detailed tutorial - very high quality (but little difficult to understand/read the screen shots due to language… ;-)). I think however this is a bit above my level and think I’ll await a bit and see if a module/app etc will not show up for this light intensity control of powerview curtains - quit a number of people must have this issue or want this feature. So guess is will come soon somewhere - Somphy already have put the sun sensor as par of their smart home solution to control automated curtains. Cheers, Steen

Hi Steen,

As far as I know there is no official update of the app planned. But I will be happy to guide you through the setup via Skype (or any other video-chat-service you prefer). Just let me know. Best regards, Rogier

Hi Rogierhofboer

Thanks for this extremely good support :smiley:

I have decided to return all my stuff bought for trying to get the curtains controlled by light intensity and just use what is direct available in the PowerView / HomeKit integration (Scenes and Time of day). If something (simple) shows up to control the curtains from LuxaFlex (HunterDouglas) PowerView I’ll for sure be interested.

If I regret - I’ll return to you :wink:

Cheers, Steen