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Philips TV Testing

I’m going to suggest the Wakelock Revamp app as the main solution to the power on/sleep issue.

Sadly this means that there’s no solution for non-Android TV’s yet and I don’t think we’re going to find one. If any new information surfaces I will reopen the issue.

If, like me, you’re not able to connect to your TV via adb or you don’t know how to: you can install the app from a USB drive (download from Github) using a file manager app on your TV to open the .apk file.

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I saw that for HomeAssistant they’re suggesting the same thing (link: GitHub - nstrelow/ha_philips_android_tv: Home Assistant custom component for the newer (2016+) Philips Android TVs)
I got this idea from the Home assistant community. Where they where discussing this issue. I think there’s no other way as Phillips completely shuts-down.

Some extra info from the HA integration:

I’ve managed to grab and decompile the sources of the Jointspace apk so I might finally be able to shed some light on the pairing issues! Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Did you take a look at this as well?

It is a phyton api based on Jointspace api, you can download the code from github and maybe find out what your problem is.

Yes, I’ve discussed many issues about the Jointspace API with Evgeny.

The Homey app has the exact same pairing implementation as the Pylips app. My guess so far has been that the pairing issues are related to platform specific (node) encoding issues in the signing part of the digest auth.

a ok, i run my self the pylips code on my nas and call it using homey.
So when harmony switches input homey notice this and triggers the pylips code on my nas which then triggers my TV… Pairing is not really a problem, i just noticed when something is rebooted then you often have to repair…

I do also have an other tip regarding the hdmi input, you should add a back function call after 1 or 2 seconds when input source hdmi1/2/3/4 is chosen and executed using the api.
Why… i regularly noticed that the google assistant bar on TV popups up an you see the command (hdmi1) in the assistant info bar but sometimes this google info bar does not go away and it stays in the picture. You then have to press the back button on the (original) remote to cancel the assistant info bar on the TV.

In my api i do after every hdmi source always a back call after 2 seconds so the assistant info bar on TV always disappears, maybe you could do a similar trick.

An other trick you could add is: Watch Live(cable) TV (does not exist)

  • do the command LIST first, wait 3 seconds and then do OK

Is there anyone here with an Android TV who’s able to connect to it via adb and willing to help me out?

I’m looking for different versions of Jointspace apk than 6.1.0 (check this at{version}/system) OR a version that doesn’t use digest auth paring (pin code pairing). So far I’ve found two places where the vdex file can be located:

  • /system/priv-app/xtv/oat/arm/xtv.vdex
  • /system/app/xtv/oat/arm/xtv.vdex

If anyone could send me their xtv.vdex file you’d help me out greatly (lucasvdhave@gmail.com). You can grab the file with adb pull /system/app/xtv/oat/arm/xtv.vdex.

Hi @B3rt,

Is the repairing bug an issue you’re experiencing with the Homey app?

Doesn’t it work if you send the back button key to your TV via the Homey app? If this does work and you’re experiencing this issue you could just add an extra flow action to your homey flow to send this key after changing the input.

Are you talking about sending Google Assistent search queries to your TV? I’m planning on adding a flow action so you can send custom search queries.

No i do not have any problem with pairing between homey app and the TV, i do have them between my nas and the TV using my own api.

yes it does, but it would be nice it was done automaticly, therefore i did do the back call after 3 seconds automaticly after each hdmi (source) call so it stays never on the screen.

No just default api calls, there is no app or command in the tv itself to go directly to live tv channels. I discovered when you press list (on right side your channel list opens) and then OK (select) then it switches to live TV.
There is no command in the list (also not using harmony) to switch directly to live (cable) TV. You can use Watch TV command but this switches back to the last used TV mode.
So if your watching TV using a setop/cable box (hdmi1 input) and you would like to go to cable signal then you can use this trick to switch from hdmi to coax input.

  • something different: did you discover a TV reboot command? Sometimes a reboot (not powerdown) resolves the problem, rebooting the TV seems not that easy, the reboot command is very hidden in the menu and i did not find any option to reboot the TV using any api command.

If I press back button on an HDMI source on my TV it takes me back to the home screen so I don’t think this would be something to implement in the app.

If this turns out to be a reliable way to switch sources on every Philips TV I’ll consider implementing it. But I foresee a lot of edge-cases, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

At the moment the only way to reboot your TV is via adb or maybe an app if you’ve rooted yours. This is because the Jointspace API only provides an option to set configurable menu items and no option to trigger menu items that are an action.

i did found something else using my own API, maybe this info helps:

Sometimes the Philips TV stops responding and the API gives an error back: api not responding
When you try the http connection at http://ip.of.your.tv:1925 then it works but using https://ip.of.your.tv:1926 then it does NOT work!
Also getting system info on https does not work on http is does!

I noticed this behavior of the TV the last few days several times, i implemented here a fix, when on the second try it fails then switch to (using an other config) http connection and until now this works fine. Ofcourse you could should to use always the http connection instead.

The Homey app already uses port 1925 and http to fetch the system endpoint. This is only used during pairing though.

Hi Lucas,
Thanks for all the effort, the app is improving!
When do you think the app will be updated with the possibility to use ambi / hue in a flow?
I want to turn the ambi on / off based on time and or brightness in my living room.

@RGU you should be able to turn on or off the AmbiHue function via a flow card action in the latest test version v0.5.1: https://homey.app/a/codes.lucasvdh.philips-jointspace/test


Great!!! Thanks :blush: