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Philips TV Testing

With the app now in the App Store the loading screen is loading and can’t add my tv

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Hey @lucasvdh ,
When I try to send a button via a flow. I get a error after a while with [Object object].
I also send you a diagnostic report. diag id: 8849c284-f79f-4191-af39-1c2ac716f9ba

It used to work with the previous app version.

flow: Gedeelde Flow | Homey

Use case: when the red button on the remote is pressed it starts the chromecast daydream. I like to have this when I play music via the soundbar :slight_smile:

is it possible to add the app: NLziet to the flow card open app?

I was expecting that if i install the app on TV it would automaticly show up, but it doesn’t…
The app is installed on the TV and working, but not in the list of available apps.

Hope this can be added…

i restarted the app in Homey and suddenly the NLziet app was available in the flow card, so for me problem solved for now.