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Philips TV Testing

I have a 2016-model (or maybe even 2015?) where I would like to try this app. Does it turn on/off with RF, IR or something third?

@Eduardo_Rodriguez first of all, thanks for the system response helps a lot.

Secondly, the app already tries to determine the port, so there’s no need to provide it in the “IP address” field. Also, from what I can see in the system response, it seems that your TV is using the Jointspace v6 API (you could test this by checking if this link works for you

Try adding your device’s IP without the port, select API version “6”, TV type “other” and see if it works.

PS: A basic rule that the Philips TVs seems to adhere to is this; is it an Android TV then use port 1926, is it non-Android then use port 1925. This is why I added the TV type to the pairing process.


@Robbert the app uses the Jointspace API, this works via Wi-Fi or cable internet. As far as I know, every Philips TV since 2010 has had Jointspace support, so it should work for you TV as well.

Regarding waking your TV up
The app sends a { "powerstate": "On" } to your TV. This might fail when your tv has completely shut down and it no longer listens for new requests.

In these cases the app will try to wake your TV up by sending a Wake-on-LAN request to the MAC address of your TV. After 5 second the app will retry the poweron command, it tries this 3 times in a row. It’s important that your TV has Wake-on-LAN enabled, but the app checks this during the pairing process and will warn you if it’s not.

However I have experienced issues where the TV didn’t want to wake up even after the WOL request was sent, I’m still looking into the cause of this.

@lucasvdh Cool, sign me up! :smiley:

If not put the port get this error:

@Eduardo_Rodriguez thanks for the feedback.

It appears the app tries to start a pairing process when none is required. I might have some time today to fix this. If I’m not able to fix it today, it will have to wait a couple of weeks I’m afraid, going on vacation.