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I had the same issue and got it working as explained here Pipup

I install pipup on my Philips Android tv and on Homey

Also restart tv but after testing I see nothing to pop up

What do I wrong ?

U will have to give the tv some rights in the settings of the tv itself. Dunno which one atm but something with the app permissions. Like also stated here.

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it works! It was hiding in an weird menu

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Great app, worked immediately on a Philips 55OLED803 (Android 8). Thanks!

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Thanks, that did work for me on my Nvidia Shield.

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Could you please introduce support for the Norwegian special letters Æ, Ø and Å?
And line breaks?

Where you find it? :slight_smile: I have a same problem. Philips LCD Android TV

Dear @Adrian_Rockall Thank you very much for the instructions, it worked! This was very helpful, but not the easyest way :slight_smile:

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