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Place for App Translations to German Language


@Friedi ^^ :wink:


Well, the other ones doesn’t have anything in the en.
I’d do all of them if you provide the files to me.


The existing one is correct :slight_smile:

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I’ll send you an PM this evening


It would be great if I could have some help translating the <group> app to German.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the app, there is quite a lot to be translated, but i’ve dont what I can.

Categories :

Capabilities :

Methods :

Pairing :

Settings :

General :

Default :
This one isn’t as clear, So I have pulled out the items below

"label": {
    "en": "About",
    "nl": "Over"
"label": {
    "en": "Category",
    "nl": "Categorie"
"label": {
    "en": "Capabilities",
    "nl": "Opties"
 "label": {
    "en": "Devices",
    "nl": "Apparaten"
"hint": {
    "en": "To change which devices are with in a group, please go to the Homey settings page and click on More -> Settings -> group",
    "nl": "Om te wijzigen welke apparaten in een groep zitten, ga naar de pagina Homey-instellingen en klik op Meer -> Instellingen -> groep"
"label": {
    "en": "Version",
    "nl": "versie"
 "hint": {
    "en": "The version of the device internal driver, generally the version it was added as.",
    "nl": "De versie van het interne stuurprogramma van het apparaat, meestal de versie waaraan het is toegevoegd."
"label": {
    "en": "Other",
    "nl": "Anders"
"label": {
    "en": "Your Notes",
    "nl": "Notities"
"hint": {
    "en": "Enter any thoughts or notes you may have regarding this group.",
    "nl": "Voer hier alle gedachten of opmerkingen in die je hebt over deze groep."

If anyone wants to double check the NL translations for me that would be appreciated, some of it was translated kindly by @jaxc but some was also from google :see_no_evil: and some was never completed.


And another “German” app update.

Great collaboration guys!

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Hey @Jamie,

i will translate your files as good as i can.
If i have questions i will send you a mail.

so long!

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Could anyone translate Netgear app:

There are two files that contain text for translation:


Bitte um Mithilfe bei der deutschen Übersetzung der Homey-Apps aus dem Store

i’ll kick my german buddies


I’ll take it over :+1:


It is done.
I sent it via PM. If something’s missing please let me know.

Please let us know when pushed to app store.

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great Job @Friedi!


Super @Friedi ! I’m implementing the translation now. I will upload to the appstore this weekend. Now all you need is a netgear router to test it in German :kissing_heart:

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@Friedi I updated the several apps with your translations. I will update the store later

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No way. I have Unifi :sunglasses:

We make a successful go live for the German Homey :+1:

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Another request; translation of Send SMS: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.gruijter.sms

Just two small files to translate:

Thx in advance!

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Bitte um Mithilfe bei der deutschen Übersetzung der Homey-Apps aus dem Store

^^ @Tino ?


Übernehme ich :raising_hand_man:t3:

@Gruijter i will translate it for you :raising_hand_man:t3:


Hey, Thanks so far for all the help, just looking for a couple of quick translations which I missed. (sorry).

Makes it possible to group devices allowing control and reporting of all devices within a group.

And confirmation that “virtual” as in “a virtual device” is the word “virtuell”.