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Please help with Homey integration with Aeotec, Forest Shuttle curtains and Echo



I recently bought a Homey hub and was trying to switch over from Smartthings to Homey entirely. I have added my motorised curtains (Forest Shuttle) which work fine through the app. I am however trying to integrate them with Echo so that I can speak to open / close them. I have installed the Homey app on my Echo but it doesn’t seem to find the curtains whilst discovering devices. Would appreciate any help here.

Secondly, I also bought an Aeotec wallmote thinking I could assign devices to buttons. But it doesn’t seem to give me that option on the Homey app at all - in the advanced section, it does want me to assign certain groups / nodes? but I can’t simply assign devices which seemed a bit odd to me.

Thank you very much!