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Plex Media Server Playlist Caster

Plex Media Server Playlist Caster

Plays Plex Media Server playlists on Chromecast devices.
App Store: Plex Media Server Playlist Caster
Frequently Asked Questions
Change Log

Supported Languages

:uk: English
:de: German


Add at least one Plex Media Server (Playlist Provider) device.
The pairing process will prompt for you Plex Account credentials if required.
Your credentials are not saved, they are used to register this app as a device in your Plex account only.


Use flowcards to control playback of your playlists on Chromecast devices of groups. Compatible cast devices are detected automatically.
The cast to device card will provide you with a full list of all playlists found on all servers you have added.


Problem: You accidently removed the Homey app from your Plex Account.
Solution: Go into app settings and manually reauthenticate your Plex Account.

Problem: You want to avoid polling Plex Servers on your account which are not reachable by Homey at all.
Solution: Go into app settings and set that server to be ignored.

Problem: A server is shown as online but the playlist count is 0.
Solution: Go into app settings and reauthenticate your Plex Account.


If enabled in the app settings, other apps can consume the playlist api. The api endpoints require authentication.

  • All playlists: /getPlaylists
  • Items of a playlist: /getPlaylist?playlist=[urlAsReturnedByGetPlaylists]&server=[srvValueAsReturnedByGetPlaylists]

If the request fails a json object containing the β€˜error’ is returned.


  • Can only play files which are natively supported by the targeted casting device.
  • No player device in Homey UI. This is because currently it is not possible to add a playlist selector to Homey device UIs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: One more servers show offline even though they are reachable, do I need to repair them?
A: No. Under some circumstances the routing to the server needs to update. Please wait 5 minutes. The connection should heal automatically and connect the server again.

Q: Why does my big playlist not start playing?
A: It does. But processing big playlists takes several seconds before the playback can be started.

Q: Next/Prev playlist does not iterate through all playlists.
A: The command iterates through playlists of the same kind only. So if you are playing a music playlist it will only cycle through music playlists. It will also use the same shuffle setting as the last playlist was started with.

Q: When casting a video playlist it does not start playing.
A: You most likely try to play a file format which is not natively supported by your cast device. Unfortunately this is a limitation of this app for the time being.

Q: When playing a playlist my Plex dashboard does not show this app doing anything.
A: This is normal. This app does not register as a playback or controller device, hence why no activity is shown in your Plex account. But it needs to reside there to have access to your Plex servers.

Change Log


  • Maintenance only. No functional changes.


  • Fixed: Autohealing the server connection if the server’s plex cloud ID changed


  • Fixed: Potential app crash on unexpected device connection loss


  • Maintenance only. No functional changes.


  • Bugfix for chromecast speaker group related app crash


  • Bugfix against the crash issue introduced with v1.5.2 (sorry about that)


  • Improved playlist and cast device selectors


  • Added support for playlists with more than 100 items
  • Fixed playlists with 1 item only not playing, they totally do now


  • Added next/prev playlist option to command flowcard
  • Added a trigger flowcard to notify about a playlist being started, giving the player name and the playlist name as payload


  • Maintenance update (no functional changes)


  • Added playlist api for other apps to consume


  • Minor fixes


  • Plex Media Server as playlist provider must now be added as device explicitly


  • Initial Release