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Plugwise stretch 2 app?

Hi all,

Just bought a new homey. Running on v2. All works fine except in the many apps for Plugwise it seems thereis nothing to connect to a stretch 2:

  • pluwise2py: works with py tool
  • plugwise source: connects to source server running on windows + stick (did not work on homey v2)
  • plugwise Anna: only for thermostat
  • plugwise zigbee suppot: only for plugs, and some heating devices
  • plugwise adam: connetcs to Adam
    And of course
  • plugwise Smile P1: connetcs to smile P1 (works fine in my setup)

So I miss an app to connect to my stretch 2.0

The ‘plugwise stretch 3.0 verbinden met homey’-thread (Plugwise stretch 3.0 verbinden met homey) (dutch) seems to indicate there was such an app for v1.0 yet the link is broken or app has been discontinued.

The ‘plugwise source app’-thread (Plugwise Source App) seems to suggest it works on stretch 2.0, but that it is broken on homey v2. Yet for some it works…

Can anyone provide help in getting stretch 2 connected or should I wait on a new version for v2

If you use the stretch, you should use the Athom-app https://apps.athom.com/app/com.plugwise but indeed they seem to have removed it from the appstore :scream:

Could you file an issue at https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new ?

You can download the zip and install in through the CLI (manual) until Athom puts it back. Works for my Stretch but don’t know if that’s a Stretch 2…

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Thanks Bas, that was quick! Ticket is created. Will try to install through CLI later, and will do some check on the version of the stretch (quite sure it is not 3, as from the website stretch v3 (https://www.plugwise.com/nl_NL/products/stretch-3) looks quite different than mine:

I’m still “fighting” with Athom to get this back in the store. Athom claims the app is unstable and Plugwise stopped support of the device. I don’t agree, never had any problems. Maybe it gets back when the Stretch-3 app is released. But for now and there to stay and install through the CLI:

To check the version of your stretch use the Plugwise app and go to the ‘settings menu’. The ‘Diagnostic information’ shows the stretch version:

As I don’t own a Stretch 3, I cannot check how this looks with the ‘new’ Stretch.

The Plugwise app is advertised to work with all versions of the Stretch.

@bvdbos: which Athom Homey version / Plugwise stretch version combination do you have ? (on which you have the CLI-installable ‘discontnued’ app running)

Is this app usable with Homey pro without using the plugwise stick?

yes, for the stretch-2

installed the ‘old’ deprecated athombv/com.plugwise and it has been running stable for more than a month now.
I have no clue why Athom decided to removed the app; the Stretch part of the app works perfect