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Can you explain how i can make a virtual device activate by me being precent in Homekit? Or am i not understanding what you said?


Sorry I must have missed your post.

Sure so I created a virtual device that is exposed to homekit. In homekit I have created a routine where ’ if the last one leaves the house then turn off device X ( in this case the virtual one ) .

In homey I have flows with an AND condition with the virtual device.

We leave the house, homekit turns off the virtual device. In homey a flow is triggered : If virtual device is off then turn off all lights, set temperatures everywhere to 18 degrees


Ah now i see. I need a homepod, apple tv or a dedicated ipad for that to be possible.
Thanks for your information.


The guide is incorrect, but it did point me in A direction. I already had all battery optimizations anc cache clearing options turned off for Homey and Owntracks, but I found a way to ’ lock’ apps and so far so good.

p.s. in regards to my GPS reception, in my house I have fix, but at work I don’t.


You could try to navigate from home to work and not closing the phone (display on) until it has a wifi connecting from work… (that did work you said, navigating with your phone in your car)
So then Android could connect those two facts with each other. I’m not a Android guru, but this would be the theory of high accuracy location modus in Android.

But still, that is a drawback of gps based solutions, initially indoors they don’t work it needs something extra. Over time it will get it.