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Presence detection recommendation

Searched it, that’s with a token? Tile beacon

Just with the beacon app

Hi Jackass,

First create an flow in Homey similar to the picture below.

Then create a applet in IFTTT similar to the picture attached and connect is to the Homey flow.

Create 2 similar flows and applets, one for entering the area and one for leaving the area.

That’s it, hope it clear with this, in case of more questions, please ask.



Does IFTTT flows using Homey still work for anyone?

It used to work but stop working in the last few days.

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Still works like a charm. Perhaps it has lost the connection? Try to reconnect it again.

I think it’s because I’m still on 1.5 and they did something to IFTTT recently?

Might be indeed. I have updated from day 1 on to V2. Did had other issues but those have been fixed.

Ready for the big update, that’s the question :wink:

Was waiting for some of the apps to be updated but I now see smarter presence has been updated… Add the Google assistant native support that came in today, I think I won’t be holding out much longer… 2 weeks more I think before i update.

Ok cool!
Non of the presence solution/apps worked for me. I’’m using ifttt app for geo/location presence.

Have to install it on every phone but hey it works like a charm.

Several ways to Rome!

I updated to 2.0. it’s ok now

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Do you mean an android phone can act as a beacon?

I dont really feel like carrying around another beacon.

And what do you use for presence detection now?
My IFTTT setup works awesome! Thanks and credits to @JeeS

I’m using smarter presence aka wifi AND addition check if door
open timer is running.

Still not perfect. Eg. My wife was not using her phone and her phone
cut off wifi (android doze , I’ve tried disabling but ).

Normally that wouldnt trigger away presence but I happen to open the door to throw some rubbish and as timer was running she was marked

I cant use geofencing functions cos I live in a appartment, not good idea to trigger home based on location…

So my thinking is either

a) I use wifi for marking home and location for marking away


b) investigate blue tooth solutions

or somehow combine bluetooth + wifi + location?

Can’t use geofence because bad gps connection? I would advice to give it a try because perhaps it will remember last location check which means it will probably work.

A - sounds like an option but requires some smart flows I assume.

B - bluetooth, no clue

Other option might be to buy some tokens for the family ? But is not really smart…

I would give IFTTT a try. For example: when I turn of my phone (so no gps anymore) I am still marked as home :slight_smile:

As far as i know not!

Not bad GPS, GPS is inexact, I dont want Homey to mark me home while I’m still downstairs in the lift or something. I have tried IFTTT many times…

Sure A need smart flows… it’s not difficult, I just got the idea recently. Wifi to mark home, and when leave location mark away. The later will have some delay but its okay since my current method already has some delay anyway.

i use a beacon (g-tag from gigaset) on the keychain with the beacon app, works perfectly

nice except with smart locks I have no need for keys or keychains

Then make it an earring! :joy:

any cheap yet reliable beacons to recommend?