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Problem with Qubino after Update

Yesterday I received latest updatet for Homey and Qubino-App. After that I had to install all Flush Shutter (ZMNHCD) again.
Now Problem is, it´s not possible to open shutter just for a part. Just open or close.
How can I fix it?

I have the same issue. They remove the callibration capability. I’ve messaged support and I’m awaiting a reply. You could set the time to open and close manually through the settings. But I have no clue what to enter in as value. I’ve tried somethings but can’t seem to get it propperly set.

I’ll keep you posted on the support results

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Thank you in advance. I hope they will fix it.

Just got a reply

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for clarifying this, I will forward your issue to Development so they can take a look at this!

I will come back to you when I receive news from Development.

I wish you a great weekend ahead of time!

Best Regards,


The Athom support team.

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I have the exact same model of roller shutter and experienced issues as well afterthe update of both homey and qubino app (non-functional devices). After removing them and then add the devices to homey again, they all seem to work properly. The slider is still there so i have no trouble closing the roller shutter partly. Also in flows i can close them partly. Note that after the new install i did not need to calibrate the roller shutter: it just works properly without calibration.

My suggestion:

  1. Remove and add the device (which you seem to have done already)
  2. Under settings of the device, check whether “what kind of device” option is set to “other” (overig)

Furthermore, you could check if a hard recalibrate would make it work again (was not needed in my case though): go to advanced settings> raw advanced parameters> add 3 numbers; 78,1,1
Save and wait dor calibration to finish
Then disable the calibration again by changing the value to 78,1,0.


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By the way; what version of Homey and Qubino app are you using? I am on v3.0.0 and v3.0.2 respectively

Thank you very much @Sam_Blooming. It works!

I have same version of homey an qubino like you.

Works for me as well with that. I needed to recallibrate after readding. Yet the capability for it was gone. But sending the 78,1,1 values did the trick. Thanks @Sam_Blooming