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Problems connecting your new Homey to your WiFi? Try this!

  1. Make sure your WiFi is using the 2.4 GHz network.

  2. Make sure your WiFi uses the b / g standard, only n or ac does not work.

  3. Turn off your Homey.

  4. Restart your Router and any Access Points that distribute IP addresses.

  5. Start your Homey again.

  6. If the above do not work, turn off 5 GHz WiFi and support for n and ac in your Router / Access Point during Homey installation.

  7. Ensure that your SSID (the name of your WiFi) does not use characters other than numbers and letters - do not use åäö or other special characters.

  8. If you have an extra mobile phone, switch off your router and share WiFi from your mobile phone with the same SSID and password that your router uses. Connect Homey to that network and then start up your router again and turn off the WiFi sharing from your mobile, Homey should then kindly use your regular WiFi.

Once you get it to work you should be able to turn 5 GHz, n and ac back on again in your Router / AP’s.

And while you’r at it it’s a good idea to assign your Homey a fixed/static IP address in your Router.

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Homey doesn’t support it, there is no setting for that. And i don’t want to do that in my router, don’t want static addresses in my DHCP pool…
So if it’s recommended, why isn’t this a setting in Homey itself?



O. K…

… Interesting…

Can’t even think of how to explain what’s wrong with that statement


Because I think you can only make static addresses from your DHCP server I quess?
And homey is not a DHCP server


If I make a DHCP reservation for a device in my router, this ip adres is automatically excluded from the range.
Why is this not preferred for you? Also, does your dhcp pool start at the first available address? Maybe you can make a reservation outside of the pool? (to clarify; if the first ip adres of the dhcp pool is and the last one is you can make a reservation for )


I know it get’s excluded. But that’s the point: reservation occurs on the already supplied DHCP address, thus in the DHCP pool. And I explicitly don’t want that.

My point is: if it is recommended by the manufacturer (which i completely understand), then make it possible in the device and don’t force customers to have to poke around in their router configuration.

You and I know how to do it, but most of the “normal” customers don’t even know how to get into their router…


First, it was not Athom that recommended using static IP address for Homey, it was all me!

Second, this is a community forum and almost never the voice of Athom. My advice comes from helping hundreds of ppl with issues where a static IP address somewhat helped minimize the issues.

But you are free to continue to use a dynamic IP address :blush:


I understand your point, it is weird you cannot provide a static ip adres in the device.
But it is also a bit weird that you cannot join another wifi network from the interface. But it is foolproof, if homey doesnt connect to the wifi, reset the device and join again.

About the DHCP: if a device does a DHCP request, it will provide the previous adres. If a DHCP server gives a DHCP offer it will provide the stored ip adres. Sooo… if you don’t reset the homey and your router at the same time, your device will keep the same ip address.
Second thing about DHCP servers: If you make a static dhcp reservation with an ip address outside of the dhcp pool the dhcp request gets denied and a dhcp offer with the static reservation will be sent to the device. devices are not aware of dhcp scopes and exclusions so will happily accept the ip adres given by the server.