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sended an PM, Thanks!

anyone has an idea how I can get variable in to prometheus. I enter a variable and if a certain action happens it heightens the valer and I want to see this.

Variables are introduced in 0.2.6 currently in alpha.

@Kyrcio did you send an invite? i didnt get anything

I think I did, but I just sent another one just in case :slight_smile:

Hmmm, i checked the email adress that i send you, thats correct. There’s nothing in my spam folder. What could it be…?

I am actually not sure an email is sent at all. Assuming that email is the one you use for your Athom account, maybe you already have access?

Jep i can switch now to the alpha without any notification indeed. Installing now

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Ok i’ve got the extra cpu stats. What should i be looking for?

HELP homey_cpu CPU time per mode

TYPE homey_cpu gauge

homey_cpu{mode=“user”} 18000000
homey_cpu{mode=“nice”} 3144000
homey_cpu{mode=“sys”} 15116900
homey_cpu{mode=“idle”} 51280300
homey_cpu{mode=“irq”} 0

Try this one to get started

Nice DB!

This is the last 6 hours (04:00 is a scheduled restart)

We have made some progress that i wanted to report back.

i’ve installed the app directly from github (CLI method) and before installing edited this line (in the app.js file) :

setTimeout(this.updateSystemInfo.bind(this), 30000);

To this:

setTimeout(this.updateSystemInfo.bind(this), 300000);

This really impacted the load on my homey, it went to 0.3 on average!

Thanks again @Kyrcio

Very good job

I have a Raspberry Pi with Prometheus + Grafana and all works fine

Just a question, is it possible to have the weather data ?
I can’t find it in /metrics …

Best regards


Im using the darksky wheater app for this, then the metrics show up.

@DomLAJO Homey weather info is in 0.2.6, now in alpha.

Hi @matrover/ @Kyrcio , I imported theDashboard but I don’t seem to have the homey_exporter_XXX metrics available. I don’t see them when I get the /metrics results from Homey, and they are also not available within Grafana.

So the dashboard now looks like this:

Any ideas?

Hi Kay-Arne,

Jep, you’ll need the github version of the app: https://github.com/rickardp/homey-prometheus-exporter/tree/48285237bd4e10c00f397675733c0f2255b5e742

Install via cli: [HOW TO] CLI install method

Hey @matrover, that did the trick! Thanks! Now let’s start scrutinising :wink:

Correct me If i am wrong i have hassio working with grafana and prometheus,that works fine,the dashboard homey expander works but is that the only dashboard I can use with homey


In homey 3.0 there is now new devices with energy “measures”, but I can not find these in the prometheus exporter.

Is this something to be fixed in prometheus? Or …