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Only one update made it to the logs, but the device was LS120P1_Σpower with driver id power. Do you know which app it is?
I think I could optimize the device refresh (I made the assumption that device metadata changes are rare), but maybe having a look at what the app does gives some insight into what data changes?

EDIT: I think I found the app (https://github.com/gruijter/com.gruijter.powerhour/blob/master/drivers/generic_device.js) (your app? :). I wonder if it is the call to device.setSettings with every poll that cause the device change to be triggered.

It is from PowerByTheHour (one of my own apps).

Edit: lol
I have to check why that app is doing setSettings every poll. It would only poll at midnight by the way.

No, it is doing setSettings at every meter change, so that might be a lot indeed.

Cool. I only had a brief look at the code but it looked like it was calling it with every call to updateMeter, which seemed to be triggered by some listener. Maybe the Homey will actually trigger a device changed event with every call even if nothing changed?

I could maybe make the Prometheus app more robust by checking for the stuff I care about, but it may be less than trivial, I have to check.

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