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Qingping Air monitor lite homeyscript

Hi all,

I made a quick integration to get data from Qingping+ for the Qingping Air Monitor Lite device. Be sure to use the Qingping+ app on your phone and use an account. The device must be set in qingping mode instead of homekit mode.
Be sure to adjust the Authorization token as described here: https://developer.qingping.co/main/oauthApi.

const params = new URLSearchParams();

params.append('grant_type', 'client_credentials');

params.append('scope', 'device_full_access');

var result = await fetch("https://oauth.cleargrass.com/oauth2/token", {

  method: 'post',

  headers: {

    'Authorization': 'Basic CHANGE_THIS_KEY',


  body: params,


if (!result.ok)   throw new Error(result.statusText);

const body = await result.json();


var access_token= body.access_token;

await tag("qingping_access_token", access_token);

// get device data

var result = await fetch("https://apis.cleargrass.com/v1/apis/devices?timestamp=" + Date.now().toString(), {

  method: 'get',

  headers: {

    'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + access_token,



if (!result.ok)   throw new Error(result.statusText);

const body2 = await result.json();

var data = body2.devices[0].data


var {timestamp,temperature,humidity,  co2,pm25} = data;

console.log(timestamp,temperature,humidity,  co2,pm25);

await tag("qingping_timestamp", timestamp.value);

await tag("qingping_temperature", temperature.value);

await tag("qingping_humidity", humidity.value);

await tag("qingping_co2", co2.value);

await tag("qingping_pm25", pm25.value);