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Qubino flush dimmer - can’t get input 2 working


I am trying to hook up input 2 on my Qubino flush dimmer but I just can’t get it to work. Nothing I do will get it to respond. I tripple-checked the electrical connection and it all seems correct. I excluded and re-included the device. When looking at the association groups, the defaults seemed off. Only the first was set to 1.1 (the Fibaro set the first to 1). According to the manual, there are other groups for getting the input 2 events (4 or 5 iirc), but none of them were set. I tried setting to 1, but no change.

Has anyone gotten the input 2 of the qubino to work?


Parameter no. 100 – Enable / Disable Endpoints I2 or
select Notification Type and Event
Enabling I2 means that Endpoint (I2) will be present on UI.
Disabling it will result in hiding the endpoint according to the
parameter set value. Additionally, a Notification Type and
Event can be selected for the endpoint. Available
configuration parameters (data type is 1 Byte DEC):
Endpoint device type selection:

  • notification sensor (1 - 6):
    x default value 0
    x 1 - Home Security; Motion Detection, unknown loc.
    x 2 - CO; Carbon Monoxide detected, unknown loc.
    x 3 - CO2; Carbon Dioxide detected, unknown loc.
    x 4 - Water Alarm; Water Leak detected, unknown loc.
    x 5 - Heat Alarm; Overheat detected, unknown loc.
    x 6 - Smoke Alarm; Smoke detected, unknown loc.
    x 0 - Endpoint, I2 disabled
  • sensor binary (9): GENERIC_TYPE_SENSOR_BINARY,
    x 9 - Sensor binary
    NOTE1: After parameter change, first exclude module
    (without setting parameters to default value) then wait at
    least 30s and then re include the module!
    NOTE 2: When the parameter is set to value 9 the
    notifications are send for Home Security.


Thanks. I set parameter 100 to e.g. 9 but I never tried reincluding after that. Will try when I get home!


I try to change the value of parameter 100, so I can use input 2 to control a remote flush dimmer through association.
But whatever I try, my input is not accepted. The value field remains empty.
And as far as I can see, it’s impossible to create End point 2 (Wall Switch I2) associations when this parameter is not set to 9.
The Qubino app is v2.0.10 beta.
Can anybody advise how to change this parameter?

There is also setting “Input 2 notification type and event” which you can change to “Sensory binary report”.
When I change this, I can switch the remote dimmer on/off by associating it to group 5.
Dimming does not work though, wathever other group association I try.

But even if I change this, End point 2 (Wall Switch I2) associations are not possible or do not show up in the settings.