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Qubino Mini Dimmer issues

I had a couple of Qubino Mini dimmers working with the beta branch of the Qubino app. I did some changes to my electrical stuff at home and removed the Qubino Mini dimmers from the Homey. I also updated the Qubino app to version 3.0.2 because this version is supporting the dimmers ZMNHHD.

Right now I am not able to add the dimmers anymore. Anyone a clue?

Before Including, Exclude the devices via: https://developer.athom.com/tools/zwave

keep the device close to Homey ( less then 20 cm )

I tried this I think 50 times but not at 20cm… I will give it a try…

Someone made a nice post about it.

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Thanks, 5cm makes a big difference :thinking:

It works…