Qubino Smart Meter model compatibility


I saw a new app in Beta version for Qubino
now it is compatible also with Qubino Smart Meter although it acknowledges model ZMNHTD

this is a very good new as I was looking for an overall power meter compatible with Homey

However the one that is now commercialized is model ZMNHTD1

I wonder there could be any preclusion with this new hardware



the “1” at the end stands for the used frequency, for Europ this is 868.4 MHz


thanks a lot!


Does it work with the 3-phase Smart Meter (ZMNHXD)?


You can find that here: https://apps.athom.com/app/com.qubino


It is not listed, I know. Just wondering if I can pair the ZMNHXD like a ZMNHTD in Homey since they are both Qubino Smart meters?