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Qubino ZMNHXD1 3-phase smart meter


Hello all,
I’ve an update from my last post. Some good news & some bad…

Good news
The good news is that the issue appears to have been identified & can be fixed. I’ve been in contact with someone from R&D in Qubino & last week we managed to capture the problem on my module. The issue appears to be with the encrypted communication on the module & it can be fixed with a over the air (OTA) firmware flash. I’ve been running new firmware on my module for the last 4 days or so & so far it’s working fine.

Bad news
This leads me onto the bad news, to flash the module it required a USB Z wave controller to upload the new firmware file from a computer/ laptop, obviously not available to most users out there. The individual in Qubino will be passing the findings on to Athom & reports that they (Athom) are working on including an OTA feature in Homey, but no timescale or confirmation of this.

Sorry it’s not better news.





Good that you find a solution! I am really happy with it.

I don’t know if you are dutch. But maybe it is possible that if you are dutch that I visit you and that you can update my meter?

Sorry, but over in Ireland, bit of a journey for you!

I used one of these:



Hmm to bad! Have been in Ireland twice last year


Can you send me the software and instructions to update the meter?

Sorry for the late reply.

I unfortunately deleted the firmware supplied to me by Qubino but I cant see that they’d have much issue supplying it.

The software to run the Z wave controller im fairly sure comes with the device or is available from the manufacturer.


Many thanks! I contacted Qubino and they are going to send me the firmware. The only question they got is do i need the Kia or Bicom?

Sorry but not sure what that means! I was in contact with one of the support personnel who simply sent me a file.



I tried to do the update and installed the meter but values still dont update. How can i check the current firmware?

Hello, I tried the samen with a QUBINO_SmartMeter3PhaseS2_500_EU_14122018_1406_ZMNHXD1H1S1P2_V1.otz file from Qubino support but also still get no updates from the device.
By the way, I pushed the update with a Razberry.

Can you send me the software and instructions to update the meter?

There is a way to do this using the z wave dongle & ‘joining’ the meter to the USB controller. Qubino showed be able to help you with this.


Here’s the process to update the meter that I got from Qubino:

To do an OTA (over-the-air) update:

1.) Include the device on the USB Z wave controller network, if it is not included yet

2.) Go to the “Firmware update” section, browse to the file and press the “Update” button two times.

3.) Perform a factory reset of the device by holding the service button for at least 6 seconds, the device will also send a DEVICE_RESET_LOCALLY packet, indicating, that it was reset.

4.) Include the device into Homey and, hopefully, the issue shouldn’t appear again.


Apologies but looks like only images can be sent on this forum.

Minor update. Leo has a one phase meter. Maybe there is still something not correct with the 3 phase meter. Qubino is going to check my meter tomorrow. I will keep you all posted.

Today Qubino had a look at my meter. It seems that I received the wrong firmware. After updating the firmware with the correct file the update was successful.

Bad news
Seems that Homey is working with a other association group than the Qubino meter. Qubino is now busy testing with Homey. If necessary Qubino will contact Athom for further steps.

I got a response from Qubino today:
“We did some testing yesterday with Homey and 3-Phase Smart Meter or at least we try unfortunately we weren’t able not even to pair the smart meter with the Homey, we have a lot of z-wave traffic and probably is because of that we couldn’t make it spent 1h+ for no results…
​As you probably know the 3 Phase smart meter is not yet integrated in the Homey and for this, let me explain you in few words who is responsible for what: the company that produce the gateway is responsible to properly integrate the devices that they support, on the other hand we’re responsible to make the devices on the Z-Wave alliance standards for which we get the device certified Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-17035480. Here is the link to the details of the certification of our product: https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/3411
We’re actively in contact with most of the Gaetway producers. We send them our findings from the tests we do to check the compatibility to help them to fix or do the integration for our devices.
For now the Homey gateway don’t have the 3-Phase Smart Meter integrated. The Smart meters are one of the most complex devices we have and for this reason and because the smart meter is not yet integrated won’t work correctly.
Yesterday we email the Homey team to know if they have plans to integrate the Smart Meter.
Until then unfortunately from our part we can’t do more.”


Any news here?


I did an community app request to finish te app:

Sadly now response yet. It is clear Athom is not going to add the meter on short notice.

OK, that’s a bummer. I have a couple of 3-phase meters and a 1-phase too form Qubino. None is working. To my knowledge there’s no other 3-phase DIN meter at all so this would really be a great support for Athom.