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Qubino ZMNHXD1 3-phase smart meter

Me too!

Same here! :slight_smile:

Any news on this? I contacted both Athom & Qubino but so far no solution/ fix.

Software versonions 3 is the one Athom Homey have successfully tested witn, but the software version 7 i have does not.
Reply from Atom Homey service:
The development team states that it also seems like there is a “bug” in the Qubino firmware itself because the device stops reporting overal

you find the software version on the label on the side of the meeter it is part of this code:
H1S7P1, the number after the S s the software version

I’ve also got firmware version 7 (i.e. H1S7P1) on my meter.

I’ve been in contact with both Athom & Qubino directly. Qubino say they’ve been unable to replicate the problem but they say Athom have. From searches online it seems similar issues have been reported on other home automation platforms:

I wonder is it possible to get a workaround for the issue?

Hi All,

I have tow ZMNHXD1 meters, the standard Qubino app does not support these. There is an older version on Github with “support” adding them is not working with Homey very close to meter.

I think with all the solar coming in to hour world the usage of these serious 3 phase meters with homey is not something to leave out in the official Qubino app.

Any help or tips?

It is very important to report all issues you find here: https://support.athom.com/hc/requests/new

again and again and again so they know it is urgent.

Is there any update on the support for the 3 phase smart meter?

I sent an email today to support@athom.com to ask if they can add support for it. Maybe if you will do the same support will be added sooner

I emailed Athom about a month ago & still no solution. Athom can’t reproduce the problem & Qubino can’t find the problem.

Athom are asking for everyone with the issue to report it.

Meanwhile is there method to examine the data communication from the meter more directly to try & find whats going on? I imagine a Z wave USB device might be required.

Athom asked me to fill in this form for support.

in developer - tools - zwave is apossibility to log the z-wave communication, you can filter on the device-id

I’ve tried that & indeed sent the output to Athom but no result…

I’ve contacted the manufacturers (Qubino) & they say that they will send on a z wave dongle & application to capture from my device directly (bypassing Homey), hopefully it will uncover the issue.

I’ll report more when I have news…

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Can you please tell me how to install the driver on Homey? I got firmware H1S1P2 and would like to try it.


Hello all,
I’ve an update from my last post. Some good news & some bad…

Good news
The good news is that the issue appears to have been identified & can be fixed. I’ve been in contact with someone from R&D in Qubino & last week we managed to capture the problem on my module. The issue appears to be with the encrypted communication on the module & it can be fixed with a over the air (OTA) firmware flash. I’ve been running new firmware on my module for the last 4 days or so & so far it’s working fine.

Bad news
This leads me onto the bad news, to flash the module it required a USB Z wave controller to upload the new firmware file from a computer/ laptop, obviously not available to most users out there. The individual in Qubino will be passing the findings on to Athom & reports that they (Athom) are working on including an OTA feature in Homey, but no timescale or confirmation of this.

Sorry it’s not better news.





Good that you find a solution! I am really happy with it.

I don’t know if you are dutch. But maybe it is possible that if you are dutch that I visit you and that you can update my meter?

Sorry, but over in Ireland, bit of a journey for you!

I used one of these:



Hmm to bad! Have been in Ireland twice last year


Can you send me the software and instructions to update the meter?

Sorry for the late reply.

I unfortunately deleted the firmware supplied to me by Qubino but I cant see that they’d have much issue supplying it.

The software to run the Z wave controller im fairly sure comes with the device or is available from the manufacturer.