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Qubino ZMNHXD1 3-phase smart meter

Minor update. Leo has a one phase meter. Maybe there is still something not correct with the 3 phase meter. Qubino is going to check my meter tomorrow. I will keep you all posted.

Today Qubino had a look at my meter. It seems that I received the wrong firmware. After updating the firmware with the correct file the update was successful.

Bad news
Seems that Homey is working with a other association group than the Qubino meter. Qubino is now busy testing with Homey. If necessary Qubino will contact Athom for further steps.

I got a response from Qubino today:
“We did some testing yesterday with Homey and 3-Phase Smart Meter or at least we try unfortunately we weren’t able not even to pair the smart meter with the Homey, we have a lot of z-wave traffic and probably is because of that we couldn’t make it spent 1h+ for no results…
​As you probably know the 3 Phase smart meter is not yet integrated in the Homey and for this, let me explain you in few words who is responsible for what: the company that produce the gateway is responsible to properly integrate the devices that they support, on the other hand we’re responsible to make the devices on the Z-Wave alliance standards for which we get the device certified Z-Wave Certification Number: ZC10-17035480. Here is the link to the details of the certification of our product: https://products.z-wavealliance.org/products/3411
We’re actively in contact with most of the Gaetway producers. We send them our findings from the tests we do to check the compatibility to help them to fix or do the integration for our devices.
For now the Homey gateway don’t have the 3-Phase Smart Meter integrated. The Smart meters are one of the most complex devices we have and for this reason and because the smart meter is not yet integrated won’t work correctly.
Yesterday we email the Homey team to know if they have plans to integrate the Smart Meter.
Until then unfortunately from our part we can’t do more.”


Any news here?


I did an community app request to finish te app:

Sadly now response yet. It is clear Athom is not going to add the meter on short notice.

OK, that’s a bummer. I have a couple of 3-phase meters and a 1-phase too form Qubino. None is working. To my knowledge there’s no other 3-phase DIN meter at all so this would really be a great support for Athom.

Is there any other 3 phase metter (non din), beside older Aeotec that works?

I’m afraid not. Aeotec only have the one with clamps and I don’t believe they are that precise.

I have GEN2 older (3 years old) Aeotec and it works. You cant see individual clamps, but you can get total reading. It seem to be pretty accurate. But I need to equip new installation with power meter and so far no luck to find solution for Homey.

Hopefully Qubino and Homey can sort it out together. As there’s no other meters for Homey I believe they will prioritize this.

What about completely other alternatives, eg.
http://shop.domo-supply.com/en/monitoring-consumption/764-northq-z-wave-electricity-meter-battery-powered.html --> https://github.com/abeggled/com.northq (not sure it works)

NorthQ reads the data from your main electrical cabinet. In other words, the whole house. You can’t use it to read specific areas or devices. Also it’s not very accurate at 0.1 kWh and only reports every 15 minutes.

In my case I wanted to use 3-phase meters to monitor my stove and oven. Both because it’s valuable to see how much energy that use, but also to alert me if I leave the house and forgot to turn them off.

I also planned to use another 3-phase to monitor the heating system.

Neither of the above is possible with 1-phase meter since they require 3-phases.

Yep, just as I’m searching for alternatives myself as well, yet tracking this thread and the most usable solution do not work. In my case however I would like to track whole house, yet prefers clamps.
A pity GEN5 do not work with Athom. ;-(

Please all send an email to Athom. The more request the higher the prio

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I’ve requested support :slight_smile:


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Any experience with this device - Shelly EM? It seems to be able to monitor 2 phases per one device. Device is also supported in homey app. Didn’t have chance to test it yet.

Today I tested it with Domoticz. Works as a charm. I asked Athom for an update last week but still nog response.

I got response from Athom. They expect the meter will be added soon. The focus for last months was mainly bug fixing. I hope with soon they mean soon :smiley:

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Any news on this the zmnhxd1? Just got mine and I am also waiting for the integration to happen…

A week ago i asked for an update. They replied to me and I think we can forget that it will be added soon. Maybe after the coming holiday I will create an new app for supporting the meter. I will let you know when I have more info.