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Qubino ZMNHXD1 3-phase smart meter

Thanks HarmJ! Problem is that I have a big amount of qubino modules so not being able to use the standard qubino app at the same time is a killer for me :flushed: In the meantime I also read the entire 80 posts and I get it now, I thought somehow you hot the athom sources and fixed it, but I underage and now that the qubino guys are now doing this. I guess I will have to wait until either qubino or athom release the official app. Anything else I could do to help anything?


Thanks for your response. I donr have the meter installed at the moment because I am about to move. Maybe after the move we can check why the values wont refresh? But maybe in the meantime athom added the meter :stuck_out_tongue:

This looks interesting guys.
I am looking for smart meters to put in place and integrate into Homey.

Will me watching this thread.
Thank you all for the time and effort spent so far.



Any update on this? Latest Github update on the Qubino app is 26st aug

Nope, I will try to shoot an email and ask