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Recessed Door Sensor


Recessed Door Sensor won’t program into homey.
Anybody now how to get it to work. Tried everything.


Which brand is this door sensor from?
What type?



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Did you try pairing the door sensor near Homey ( 1 meter). Door sensors are battery powered and don’t have such great range by themselves. So pairing them is best done near Homey after that you can add it to the place you want.

But keep in mind that the range is not so great so it would be best to have some other zwave devices in between ( non battery powered) so the door sensor can communicate over the mesh network that is created


Tried that also nothing happens in Homey.

Have two, same result with both of them.

Done Factory def. on both also.

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And just to be sure, you did remove the piece of cardboard in the module between a contact and the battery?
If so, if you delete them from homey’s settings - > zwave - > remove device, do you get the message it was removed/reset?


Yes i did and they worked when i was on firmw 1.5.13 but now on 2.0.0rc9 they don’t. Norhing happends in homey when i try to init. to homey.

everything else i have work

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From https://static.webshopapp.com/shops/253891/files/192627887/manual-aeotec-recessed-door-sensor.pdf

At some stage, you may wish to reset all of your Recessed Door Sensor’s settings to their factory defaults. To do this, press and hold the Action Button for 20 seconds and then release it. Your sensor will now be reset to its original settings.

Did you try this?


Yes didn’t help

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Exclude them from Homey, wait 10 minutes and then include again.