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Recording RF signal

how do i connect a switch/relay to my ventilation system? do you have a build guide or an example that i can copy?

Have a look at:
this topic is about RF signals, please search for “ventilation” for the right topic.

Ehh started the topic myself… if its not possible fine but that doesnt mean my problem still stands

Why is this impossible? https://www.robbshop.nl/domotica/projecten/z-wave-badkamer-ventilatie

If this is still about recording RF signals then no problem. If it’s about connecting a switch/relay to ur ventilation system then it becomes off-topic and u best search the forum for the correct topics for this particular issue. Or follow the link @JPe4619 gave u.

it is not impossible i guess? but im not thát technical… no clue what to buy and how to set it up…