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Refurbished Homey?


Hello Community,
Hello Athom,

Is there a possibility to buy a „refurbished“ Homey?

I am thinking about a second device for development, but to be true, I don‘t wanna pay 299€ for a „testing device“.



@Seraphim if you want a refurbished Homey (if available), you’ll need to contact Athom directly (info@athom.com).

Or check options for a second hand Homey


a member in the community is suggesting an idea that athom would give away free (refurbished) Homeys to developers that have a large amount of app installs showing appreciation to the community developpers.
if this idea would be approved you might get it for free !

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Hi @Amelia_S,

Yes, one of the members suggesting this is me :sunglasses:

And, due to huge contributions from app users I was able to order one. :hearts:

But Athom is not participating in the discussions on the idea of handing out free Homeys to developers. So no clue how they feel about this now.