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Remotec Technology App (v.2.2.4)

How can Remotec ZXT-600 learn Fan Speeds and Fan Swing Modes?

Also not clear how Code List can be helpful, can somebody explain?

I saw that 2018 was bust as for new implementations how about 2019? :slight_smile:
I would be really interested in support for the ZXT-310 since it really seems like a great way to control all my av stuff

Hi guys, could I check if anyone got ZXT-600 to work with the current app? I am having difficulty in learning the IR codes as the code list library does not have my aircon model. Can anyone help me with the steps to learn the IR codes? Thank you!


I just included one rxt-120 into my system. Working great with the ac and all.
With my other system (hubitat) i had to get readings from another source. Does this driver use temperature readings from the rxt? Mine is running on battery in FLiRS-mode.

Is it possible to get readings from another source? Now it seems like it is stuck at 24 degrees, no idea where it got that temp from.

When i make a flow, I feel I got two options for setting my desired temperature on my ac. “set temperature” and “set setpoint of a thermostat mode”. What is really the difference here? The last option I did not get to work properly. At first, I would think that the first one would be to set the current temperature, by using an external tempsensor, but it seems like this value sets the temp that it sendt to the ac?


Controlling my Remotec ZXT-120 works great, but it seems to be some issue with temperature reporting? Mine is stuck at 23.00c, ive seen it once at 22.00. The temperatur could be correct but it looks like it does not get the decimal digits? Ive tried reinclude it, but same issue.