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Renaming flows


Does anyone know what the deal is with renaming flows? My experience is that if I rename Flow B, which is called by Flow A, everything still works, but the card in Flow A doesnt get updated with the new name.
Tested both in mobile and web app.

It can then get very confusing if you are reviewing your flows a month later and cant see anymore how the flows are connected, because the name in the card is wrong.

Anyone else share this experience?

Yes, you saw right and it is indeed a problem, especially if you swap the names of flows because you got them wrong. Sadly only Athom can do something about this, so the best aproach is to put it in with them as a bug report I guess.


Yes, this is why I’m a bit scared of renaming flows. And it’s common practice I think, b/c after getting things the way I want, I want to rename these flows with suiting names.

Additional Q: is there any way to discover which flows can / may trigger [current flow]?
API playground maybe?
Or even by Homey Script?

Did you also test what happens when you reboot Homey?

No, but good question.

So now I checked after rebooting and the card still shows the old flow name.

I think this issue has been brought to Athom’s attention before, but apparently they haven’t yet found the time to fix it. You could send a support request about it to bring it under their attention again: support@athom.com

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OK. I have done that now. Lets see what happens. :slight_smile:

Support says they are aware of the problem and are looking into it.