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Report unreachable Z-wave devices

I believe I am not the only one having occasional problems with unreachable Z-wave devices. You can easily spot them on developer.athom.com/tools/zwave. But wouldn’t it be nice to be notified by Homey about such malfunctions in stead of experiencing suddenly not working flows? It would be even better to have a repair option in Homey.

Unreachable doesn’t mean it is unusable. It just states that it has missed a request at some time for whatever reason. Mostly the device is working fine. You can try that by using the “Test” function behind the 3 dots on the end. Or, in case of a plug, send a “basic on (or off)” command. In 99.9% of the time it will switch immediately.

If the device is marked “unknown” in the “Route” column it is really unusable.

This is what Athom replied when i asked:

A useful correction. Thanks. Still, I have unusable devices at least every month. A notification would be very useful.

Then define unusable. Empty battery? Do you have to re-pair? Or are they working again after pressing a button?
You might try the “A device hasn’t reported” trigger card, but that only works if the device stops responding to Homey completely.

I agree it would be useful to have flow cards:

  • Z-wave device hasn’t acknowledge command
  • Send z-wave “Test” command
  • Heal device

And generally everything which is available in developer tools panel should be available via flow cards.

What I meant with unusable is not responding to commands from Homey (either directly or in a flow). The most common solution, for wall plugs, is to remove the plug from the socket and re-insert it. Your “hasn’t reported” card might be a very good idea to get notified. I will try that.

What brand are the plugs?

I have Neo Coolcam and Fibaro. It is not only a price difference. With Fibaro I have experienced this problem once. A Neo Coolcam plug typically fails 2 to 3 times per year. In 95% of the cases pull-the-plug works.
Knowing when to pull-the-plug would be nice.

Do you have the latest version of the Coolcam app?
Do you have unknown nodes or strange node numbers in the Z-Wave mesh?