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[REQUEST] User selectable Z-wave security levels in order for associations to work

Yesssss! by entering a bad PIN (eg: 00000) during inclusion, the Fibaro “Roller Shutter3” is not in: “S2 Authenticated” but in unsecured mode !!! so I can create flows with Zwave: “send raw command”. Many thanks to @Da_JoJo for suggesting this workaround by entering the wrong PIN code


Glad that worked. For the S2(unauthenticated) it’s not an option though. I haven’t looked at the driver-code , but is there a possibility to change the inclusion of S2(unauthenticated) to force S2(authenticated) and do the same security code trick ?

I have tried the new code with both “requireSecure”: true and false, changes nothing for my device (sunricher rebranded K8 remote)

I tried it too, same result. You can only enforce secure for locks or similar, ut not force uncecure. As secure is the default that seems hardly useful. That would only be relevant if S2 inclusion failed and unsecure was attempted because S2 failed.

Would have been great if false meant insecure, true meant force secure and unassigned meant default bahaviour.

Associations are made completely useless after 7.0. Had a bunch of fibaro dimmers with direct associations to namron switches, and it worked all fine (and still does after 7.0). Just refurbished a bedroom, bought a dimmer and switch to but no Sir, not this time. I want the direct association to work, just in case the Homey breaks or fails. They should have implemented a choice for what security level you want to add components with BEFORE they messed it up.

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