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Ring image grabber problem

hello i have a problem with the ring doorbell app v2.1.1.
if I use the Ring image grabber trigger and action card I get an error message
( invalid_response 401 {“error”:“not authorized”} )
what am i doing wrong i have purchased a ring protection plan.
my homey software version is 2.4.0-rc3

Just a few seconds search would have you give the answer.

Its not possible at this moment and not sure it ever wil be possible.

Also i believe read something in the past (months) on slack that athom had contact with them. But not 100% sure

I have a Ring Pro and have the same error

So what does this mean:

Changelog 2.1.1:

  • Ring grabber bugfixes

Changelog 2.1.0:

  • Added Ring image grabber trigger and action card

Well it looks like they blocked the API: https://github.com/denniedegroot/com.ring/issues/18

BUT there is a fix:

It seems they just found out a few hours ago on how the pictures are being made available after the ring change a few months ago


On the bottom they are now able to grab the pictures

Good find, if it really could work. But did you contact the devolper of the ring app with the info you just found

I thought the original developer has abandoned the project, or at least, he wasn’t using Homey anymore, or didn’t own a Ring device anymore.

This is very unfortunate because I really like both homey and ring, also bought a Ring device with lights and alarm, but this isn’t supported by the Ring app on homey. Hopefully someone else can fork the app, but wouldn’t know how to get this going.

So can we (or I) take over the project so we create a new package? Not sure how many people are waiting for this…


I really would like you to do so, but I don’t know how that could happen. Maybe e-mail him through git?
If there is something new, we could install it through CLI as long als he doens’t reply or push it to the app store.

I can clone the repository and start with that I guess. Only problem is time and currently on vacation after that I will have a look.


No worries, there is no real pressure on my side besides wanting to take full advantage of the product. Could also send you a few beers to express my appreciation.

I would love an update! I can also pay with alcohol to show my eternal gratitude

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