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Ring keypad and other Ring Security System devices

Hi Joeri,

  1. Just a little longer
  2. Yes, it should. I haven’t been able to test it though but it’s the idea it supports multiple, also see the post above yours.
  3. :smiley: Thanks!

I have been able to test the (private for now) beta. And the keypad integration works very well. Nice work @DaneedeKruyff

But just a heads up to everyone who wants to use this ring keypad. It will usually come with older firmware and according to multiple online forums it is known to brick itself when you leave it plugged in permanently. A supposed firmware update fixes it, but without the ring base station you will not be able to update it. The battery will last a couple months though.

Check out the app here: Ring Security - Extend Heimdall with Ring Security products