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Ring Security - Extend Heimdall with Ring Security products

This app lets you add Ring Security products to your Homey.

This app is published as Beta and may contain bugs

Please report bugs at: Issues · daneedk/com.ring.security · GitHub

This app requires Homey Firmware version 7.0.0 or higher

The Ring Security devices are part of the Ring Alarm system, if you are looking for information or support for the Ring Doorbell, Chime, Siren, Flood Light or Stick Up Cam please search the forum for the Ring app made by @denniedegroot or visit his Github issue tracker.


Supported languages

:uk: English
:netherlands: Dutch
(more languages will follow)

Supported Devices

Ring Keypad

Ring Keypad (2nd Generation)

Ring Contact Sensor

Ring Motion Detector

Support for more devices will be added.


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This app is published as Beta and may contain bugs

Please report bugs at: Issues · daneedk/com.ring.security · GitHub


Q: Some LEDs on the Keypad stay lit all the time when the power is connected, can that be changed?
A: That’s default behaviour of the Ring Keypad on older firmware versions. There is no way to change the battery indicator led, the other leds can be dimmed in the devices settings.

Q: How can I use the Ring Keypad with Heimdall?
A: Check the post describing the Ring Keypad and Heimdall Integration

Q: Will 2nd generation devices be supported?
A: Yes, Homey Firmware Version 7.0.0 has just been released, implementation of 2nd generation devices is work in proces.

Q: Why isn’t the integration with Heimdall working when the Ring Security app is run from the CLI?
A: The integration requires a (secret) API key which is not available on Github. It is only available when the app is installed from the App Store.

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This app is published as Beta and may contain bugs

Please report bugs at: Issues · daneedk/com.ring.security · GitHub


Current version: 0.2.1 Beta

  • Support for Ring Keypad from the 2nd Generation added
  • Added setting to suppress “Sensor Active at Arming message” on Ring Keypads
  • Reorganised Ring Keypad settings
  • Code cleanup

Previous version: 0.2.0 Beta

  • Added Motion Detector and Contact Sensor (V1)

Previous version: 0.1.2 Beta

  • Added translations

Previous version: 0.1.1 Beta

  • Added App Store translations
  • Bug fix for overlapping spoken messages Github Bug #1
  • Added setting to disable spoken messages

Previous version: 0.1.0 Beta

  • Beta release

Previous version: 0.0.3 Alpha

  • Minor fixes, not publicly available

Previous version: 0.0.2 Alpha

  • Translation fixes, not publicly available

Previous version: 0.0.1 Alpha

  • Initial release, not publicly available

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Ring Keypad and Heimdall integration

Both the original Ring Keypad (V1) and the 2nd Generation Ring Keypad (V2) can easily be used with Heimdall. No need to create flows! *

The first thing to do would be to create one or more users in Heimdall. Open the Heimdall settings and select the Users tab to setup your users, more information can be found here.

When the Ring Keypad is added the integration with Heimdall needs no further configuration, everything is ready to go. There are some settings for you to change to your likings. To change those or check the current settings go into the Advanced Settings of the Ring Keypad. Here you will find the Integration settings


* Using the 2nd Generation Ring Keypad as a Sirene is not yet implemented

There is also a setting to enable or disable the Tamper Alarm. When you use the Ring Keypad with a constant power supply the Tamper Alarm will be activated when the power is lost. Reconnecting the power will deactivate the Tamper Alarm.

V1 and V2

So, How to set the Surveillance Mode? Just enter the PIN you’ve configured in Heimdall and press the desired Mode. Heimdall wil perform the same actions it would when using the Surveillance Mode Switch, so when an Arming Delay is configured it will be used.

The Ring Keypad will show an indicator counting down while an Arming Delay is active. When the Surveillance Mode is actually activated the led for that mode will briefly light up.

To check the current Surveillance Mode push the Enter key on the Ring Keypad and the led on the active Surveillance Mode will briefly light up.

The Ring Keypad checks its connection with Homey frequently, when it detects there is no connection the Connection Indicator will light up Red (until the connection is back) The Battery Indicator will show the status of the battery and inform you when you will need to recharge it.
When during Heimdalls Pre-arming Check it discovers an open door or windows or a motion sensor that is activated the Pre-arming Check Indicator will light up, it’s just an indication, Arming will resume.

* The integration with Heimdall requires both apps to be installed from the App Store it will not work when running from the CLI due to missing API keys.

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OK I understand
I really want to be a beta tester to integrate ring and its homey keyboard with heimdall

I expect to release the app for Beta testing today or tomorrow, so that will give you the opportunity to test the integration of the Ring Keypad with Heimdall.

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This app is published as Beta and may contain bugs

Please report bugs at: Issues · daneedk/com.ring.security · GitHub

I’ve just release the Beta version of the Ring Security app to the App Store.
You can find it here: Ring Security | Homey

English cards?

Is this keypad also working if you don’t have any other ring device?

I’m sorry, can’t make much of that, could you please transform that into a sentence so I can try to help you.

Yes, that’s the whole idea of this app, adding support for the Ring Security devices without the need of the Ring Alarm Base station. The Ring Security devices are basicaly ‘just Z-Wave devices’ so can be connected on their own.

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You’re the best mate!

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New version published

Version: 0.1.1 Beta

  • Added App Store translations
  • Bug fix for overlapping spoken messages Github Bug #1
  • Added setting to disable spoken messages

There was a bug reported where the spoken message announcing an Active Sensor during the Pre-Arming Check in some circumstances overlapt the spoken message of the selected Surveillance Mode. Delayed the Active Sensor message to prevent that. Also prevented multiple Active Sensor messages when arming.

Added settings Use spoken messages and Play sound before delayed arming to the Integration settings

@DaneedeKruyff, I did some testing of the beta version and have a couple of questions:
Today I use the Pop keypad and to arm I just push the “bell button” without pincode. Is this functionality possible to add for the Ring keypad as well?
I mean, why add a pincode when arming???

Also, I found a fault. Can I feedback the fault in this forum or do you want them to be added in Github?

Hello Harald,

Yes, please post faults/bugs in the issue tracker on Github.

It is possible to change Heimdalls Surveillance Mode without entering a PIN like you do now with the Pop keypad. It will require flows like these:

Partially Arming


I ordered the Ring Keypad v1 to (beta) test your Heimdall extension. Will let you know how it performs.

@hluhr Adding a pincode for arming is a added value for me. Not everyone must be able to arm the security, and arming must be more than one keypress to prevent mistakes.

Ring keypad works perfectly! Also use it for other commands, like locking catflap, turn of sirens, Heimdall intergration is one thing, maybe now the most complete security system u can have.

My security automations are now near 100% autonomous, facial recognition etc, ring keypads adds warning, logging and voice. (in addition to google TTS), instead of buttons it protects flows (kids).

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@DaneedeKruyff thanks for a quick response. It was quite obvious when you explained it.

@Heronimus, I can understand your point. However, we have been using this setup for one year without any mistakes. If you do a mistake, it is quite easy to quickly disarm again. Worst case scenario, the alarm will go off. Not the end of the world…
The big security advantage with “one-click” arming is that it is less chance that you will reveal your pin for any house guests.

Yesterday i received the Ring keypad v1. Played with it some hours and must say I’m impressed about the possibilities and the Heimdall integration! Compliments!

Till so far I haven’t found any tag WHO (dis)armed surveillance. I know it’s in the Heimdall loglines, but thats more text than a username only. Whould be nice if that info comes with tags in event “Surveillance Mode changed”

I agree with @Heronimus, also missing a username tag to know who armed/disarmed.