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Ring Security - Extend Heimdall with Ring Security products

yep flirs is supported but kept out of the changelog

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Is it also possible to change the status at the ring app itself? Or is it just to switch the heimdall status?

No, the Ring Keypad is added as a Z-wave device to Homey and is completely separated from the Ring ecosystem.
There is no way (that I know of) you can change the status in the Ring app from Homey.

Is the app offline? Can’t find it

Yes, I’ve submitted a new version for approval and unfortunately it’s taking Athom a little longer then expected to approve this new version.
But no worries, it will be back.

Edit: @Michel_Bakker it’s approved by Athom so it’s available again.

New version published

Version: 0.1.2 Beta

  • Added translations

Hi @DaneedeKruyff, was finishing up my Heimdall config in homey and felt a need to increase the WAF with some sort of keypad and then stumbled upon this post :wink:

Couple of questions:

Will you also support keypad V2?

edit: i just read about the flirs support requirement :wink:

Is it possible to initiate different flows with different pins and have more than 1 pin per user (or i guess you can use multiple user id’s for the same user). Anyway can pin code 1111 initiate flow 1 and pin 2222 flow 2?

Thanks in advance for your time and effort. I you want i can help you with beta testing. Let me know if you want that.


Hi @Rijckholt,

Good thing you found it then :wink:
I plan on supporting the 2nd Generation Keypad, FliRS support should not be an issue I’ve been told, it’s just left out the Release Notes (for reasons unknown to me)
I don’t have a V2 Keypad yet and unfortunately the device isn’t documented on Zwave alliance (yet) so I can give no ETA, also I will not release a new version until the Homey V7 Firmware is officially made available by Athom.

For the seconds part, I’ve got something planned for that, it’s actually an addition to the Heimdall app, not in this app. The basis of that functionality is already done (and privately tested) and it works by adding a follow-up code after a users pin. When an extra digit is entered when entering the PIN that digit will be extracted and made available in a flow card; start a scene, set a users status or even use it as a (silent) panic mode, ideas are endless!

Hi @DaneedeKruyff,

The panic mode was exactly what I was referring too. Interestingly the V2 Keypad refers to an actual panic button on the keypad. Although i am not sure if you will have access to it:


Gebruik de gloednieuwe paniekknoppen om de sirene op het basisstation of de buitensirene te laten klinken en je noodcontacten op de hoogte te stellen (Ring Protect Plus-abonnement vereist) als er zich een noodsituatie voordoet


The keypad is for sale on amazon: link to new ring keypad


I installed the Ring keypad 3 weeks ago. The first thing I did was to charge it to 100%. Since then it has been 100% battery. I’m beginning to doubt that the battery indicator really works, or it is a damn good battery?!
Anyone else who has noticed this in this forum?

@Rijckholt I can’t be sure about the actual panic button yet but I think it the app will have access to it, the action for it in Homey however would have to be configured by the user and be only limited by what Homey (and it’s apps) is capable of.

@hluhr I’ve noticed a battery percentage drop, but indeed slowly (very slowly) I’ve done extensive testing while writing the app and also just charged it once. Specifically when testing with the backlight brightness and duration it drained some power from the battery, so I can confirm the battery indicator works.

Sounds good @DaneedeKruyff and thanks for a great app! Both the app and the Ring keypad is working excellent. :slightly_smiling_face:
No hick-ups as I had previously with the Popp app and keypad.

@hluhr: I was keeping track of the battery charge % while charging and saw some granularity on the way to 100%.
I have it fully charged now and created a few flows to send me email at 75, 50 and 25% charge. Will add a few more for 95, 90, 85, 80, to see what happens.

@DaneedeKruyff i have just made a donation to your PayPal account! Thanks for all your continues work on this app!!

@Rijckholt, much appreciated, thank you! Please keep us informed with your findings with the battery reporting.

@hluhr You’re welcome, glad you like it!

New version published

Version: 0.2.0 Beta

  • Added Motion Detector and Contact Sensor (V1)

Athom has just released Homey Firmware version 7.0.0 which adds support for the Z-Wave Security 2 (S2) protocol which is required for these added devices.
This also makes it possible to add the 2nd generation of Ring Alarm devices to the app, work on that is in progress!

Stay tuned for more!


Ha that is great news. Installed FW7. Any eta on Keypad V2 support? Would rather have V2 on the wall instead of V1 that I can still return till the end of June :wink:

No ETA yet, and no guarantees, but I expect to be able to integratie it before the end of June.
Luckily the documentation for it it has surfaced on the Z-Wave Alliance website so while I’m waiting for the Keypad to arrive I’ve started on writing the driver.

Fingers crossed :wink:

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Thanks for the heads up. Will order the V2 anyway (no pressure :slight_smile: Fully understand the dev process.

Do anyone know the difference between the Ring keypad V1 and V2 (except the S2 support)?
Any new functionality in V2 that can be used with the Homey solution?