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I do both alarm disabled and surveillance mode disarmed…

Hi Rob,

I’ve not been able to reproduce and when checking the code I found I already added code to stop the Sirene when they Alarm State was turned off without changing the Surveillance Mode but since my local version is already ahead of the published version I’m not sure it is already available in your version. Can you tell me which version of the Heimdall app and the Ring Security app you are using?
Also, I’ve made changes in how the Ring Keypad (V1) can be used as a Sirene for Heimdall, there is a chance the setting and actual working are not aligned. To be sure that’s not interfering could you please remove the Ring Keypad from Homey and add it again?

Hi Danee,

Thanks for your reaction. I have Ring 0.2.0 and Heimdall 2.1.0. Maybe that’s the difference.

0.2.1 is latest on gifthub

I will probably submit that version to the app store soon. It has some changes and partial support for the 2nd Generation Ring Keypad.
@Rob_Bruining its still my advice to remove and re-add your keypad, can you let me know if that fixes your problem? And just to be sure please change and save the setting for the use as a Sirene.

New version published:

Version: 0.2.1 Beta

  • Support for Ring Keypad from the 2nd Generation added
  • Added setting to suppress “Sensor Active at Arming message” on Ring Keypads
  • Reorganised Ring Keypad settings
  • Code cleanup

Thanks to Robbshop I have been able to add support for the 2nd Generation of the Ring Keypad.

In this version the basic functionality is added but some functionality will be added later, most noticeable the option to use the 2nd Generation Ring Keypad as a Sirene. Compared to the 1st Generation Ring Keypad the 2nd Generation Ring Keypad is missing some options so I have to figure out how to enable certain functionality, if possible at all. On the other hand it’s much better looking and more importantly it has proximity detection so it lits up when you get close to it when its dark so I still prefer this new version.

Also added in this version is an option so you can suppress the “Sensor Active at Arming message” as per request by @Rob_Bruining (Github Issues #3)

And lastly, in preparation of a new function for the Ring Keypad (1st Generation) I’ve reorganised the settings page.

Thanks Danee,

I will try it today or tomorrow. I also installed the new version.

So I can disable the sensor message. Thnx for that.


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I tried and it’s working. Thx

Hi Danee,

First of all, let me express my appreciation for your coding of Heimdall and this Ring Security app. Very nice work! I’ve been using Heimdall since I bought my Homey back in 2019.

Some days ago, I found this treat as I was looking out for a keypad that should replace my poorly working Zipato mini keypads. I’ve bought a Ring Keypad v2 but have some issues with it. The keypad is included successfully to Homey. When the alarm is (un)armed, I see on the keypad which one is active, but I can’t arm or disarm using a pincode. I’ve added the flow mentioned here to arm without pincode, and that works fine. However, in that case, disarming from the keypad does not work. In Heimdall, I’ve set a 6 digit pincode for the administrator. To (dis)arm, I first enter the 6 digits and then push one of the three buttons on the upper side. It looks as if the pincode is not sent to Heimdall. In the Homey Developer Tools, at the moment I want to arm/disarm with pincode, I see communication from the keypad in the logging. I’ve already re-installed Ring Security, removed/added the keypad, all without success…
Any ideas to get me going?

Thanks already!

Hi Frederick,

It should definatly work without any flows, lets find out what goes wrong. Can you please check in the Ring Kepads settings that Integrate with Heimdall is turned on (better yet, toggle it to make sure its enabled)
If that does not help, can you please click Restart app in the apps settings and after a couple of seconds click Create Diagnostics Report?
Next, on the Kepad; enter your pin, select a Surveillance Mode and send me another Diagnostics Report.
Please let me know when the reports are sent, thanks.

Hi Danee,

Thanks for your reply. I had tried to toggle the integrate already. Anyway, I did that again as proposed, without success. I’ve created two reports and will send you the identification separately.

Kind regards,


Just to let you know that it works now. I’ve deleted the Ring Security app and reinstalled it from Ring Security | Homey. When it wasn’t working, I’ve installed the app from the CLI. This is now the only difference I can think about.
Looking out for future improvements already. I’ll donate something for Heimdall and this Ring Security. Keep up the (very!) good work.


Hi Frederik,

That’s the reason for sure. In order for the Ring Security app to be able to talk to Heimdall it needs an API key that isn’t available when doing a CLI install. I will add that to the opening post.
Thank you for your donation, much appreciated!



I’m using this beta app now for many weeks and I’m very happy with it. Sometimes a out-of-sync occurs, this morning for the third time. This is why I want to share.

This morning (at ± 7:00am) there was a difference between Heimdall Surveillance state (Disabled by flow) and the Ring Keyboard device (Partially armed). This was the third time it occurs since i’m using this device. CPU utillisation was 1,37 at that moment, to me it looks like as a lost sync caused by heavy load.

I discovered the app was still at v0.1.1 although auto-update was enabled. Installed the new version 0.2.1, but no idea if this sync is a known issue already solved in the new version.

Kind regards.

Hi Jeroen,

This is the first report I see that the mode of the Keypad differs from Heimdalls Surveillance Mode. In fact the modes are not exactly synched between the apps, it’s a one time action at the moment a change in the Surveillance Mode occurs. When the Surveillance Mode changes Heimdall emits a system wide event. The Ring Security app is subscribed to these events and when it receives the event is sends a Z-Wave command to the Ring Keypad to set the correct mode. So it’s a chain of events that need to take place and I can imagine Homey has a hard time when the CPU utillisation is at 1,37.
Can you please keep a close look on how it behaves in the future? I’m not sure if this is anything that can be fixed in the (either Heimdall or Ring Security) app but maybe delaying actions in flows may be a solution.

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Just discovered the great work you’re doing on this project.
I was wondering whether you have any (short-term) plans on integrating other security panels (like Eufy) as well.

Thanks @MrBlue,

I have no plans to support other security panels right now. Also, there is an app for Eufy already.
The integration between the Ring Keypad is based on the API in Heimdall and the realtime events Heimdall emits on Surveillance Mode changes.
Basically any devices’ app* can talk to the API and receive the events.

Maybe @martijnpoppen is willing looking into integrating the Eufy panel with Heimdall, Documentation can be found here: How to get access to API Endpoints from another app. · daneedk/com.uc.heimdall Wiki · GitHub

(* The app will need an API key provided by me)

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Thanks for the heads up.
I’m fully aware (and a happy user) of @martijnpoppen 's app.
Since there’s an open API, I’ll take it to the Eufy thread and discuss it with Martijn there.

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Is it possible to use more then one code or tag and this will recornized by Heimdall/Homey so you know who switch /come home?
I cannot find it in the earlier post or version info.


When using the integration between the Ring Security and Heimdall as described here. Multiple users with unique PINs can be created in Heimdall as described here.

These users are independent of Homey users so the people with a PIN do not need to have an account on your Homey!

The information who changed the Surveillance Mode is logged into Heimdalls log.
Unfortunately that information can’t be used in flows, see the reason why here

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