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ROBB smarrt Z-wave and Zigbee app (v1.1.1)

I actually now managed to associate most of the blinds except for 2 just by continuing the process of deleting and then reinserting the association whilst the controller is “awake” - ie groups 2, 3 and 5 are now working.

I do still have 2 roller blinds that are refusing to associate with group 4 of the controller, these are as follows:

  • the roller blinds are on the system as #26 and node #27, the controller is node #50
  • the settings in advanced configuration are pointing to Node #50 in group 2 of the fibaro roller shutter 3
  • in the Robb Smarrt controller group 4 points to Nodes 26, 27

When I create the association, it says that association is saved and it shows under the advanced configuration, but nothing happens when actually pressing the buttons for group 4.

Many thanks.

I now got the last 2 blinds to work as well after repairing the Fibaro Shutter 3 with Homey, so I think the fault was with the Fibaro device not with the controller

@TedTolboom I’m trying to associate the 4 button controller with a walli dimmer. Maybe thats not supported yet? Have a nice holiday Ted!

@smeula thanks for reporting back!

Unfortunately, setting devices associations with battery powered devices is quite difficult; really depending on the right timing (and other communication)… but good to see that it is working out after a few retries.

That shouldn’t really matter.
Associations are set on the Robb smarrt device and not on the Walli.

I keep trying to associate the devices. But i never see the command_class_multi_channel_association in the logging.

2019-07-20T08:38:37.107Z Node[10]: Marked as online
2019-07-20T08:38:37.108Z Node[10]: Received application update: 0x18015e55989f6c
2019-07-20T08:38:40.608Z Node[10]: [COMMAND_CLASS_WAKE_UP] [WAKE_UP_NO_MORE_INFORMATION] {“type”:“Buffer”,“data”:}
2019-07-20T08:38:40.608Z Node[10]: sendData to COMMAND_CLASS_WAKE_UP, params 0x08
2019-07-20T08:38:40.608Z Node[10]: [COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY] [SECURITY_NONCE_GET] {“type”:“Buffer”,“data”:}
2019-07-20T08:38:40.609Z Node[10]: sendData to COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY, params 0x40
2019-07-20T08:38:40.625Z Command[155] start: sendData
2019-07-20T08:38:40.625Z ProcessSendData[134]: To node: 10 with data: 0x9840 and txOptions: AUTO_ROUTE,ACK,EXPLORE
2019-07-20T08:38:40.656Z Command[155] end: sendData
2019-07-20T08:38:40.679Z Node[10]: Received application command for COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY, data: 0x80fba239d8b79e1dd8
2019-07-20T08:38:40.679Z Node[10]: [COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY] {“Nonce byte”:{“type”:“Buffer”,“data”:[251,162,57,216,183,158,29,216]}}
2019-07-20T08:38:40.681Z Node[10]: [COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY] [SECURITY_MESSAGE_ENCAPSULATION] {“type”:“Buffer”,“data”:[190,187,39,183,92,153,81,54,102,99,66,251,197,50,112,84,64,14,50,221]}
2019-07-20T08:38:40.681Z Node[10]: sendData to COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY, params 0x81bebb27b75c995136666342fbc5327054400e32dd
2019-07-20T08:38:40.681Z Command[156] start: sendData
2019-07-20T08:38:40.682Z ProcessSendData[135]: To node: 10 with data: 0x9881bebb27b75c995136666342fbc5327054400e32dd and txOptions: AUTO_ROUTE,ACK,EXPLORE
2019-07-20T08:38:40.718Z Command[156] end: sendData
2019-07-20T08:38:40.719Z Node[10]: Marked as offline

Any ideas? Or do i just keep on trying and hope that it will work someday :slight_smile:
Thx for your support Ted.

Just bought this one: https://www.robbshop.nl/wandzender-4v-zigbee-robb-smarrt
But I cannot add it with the app.
It tells me to hold the top 0/I-buttons for three seconds for the green LED.
(This takes about 6 seconds BTW)
But after that nothing happens.
After a few seconds the LED just goes off again.

Hmm, with the (generic non-Homey) manual I somehow managed to get it to work.
It says something about putting it it learn mode (5 seconds both buttons of group 1 (top 2 buttons)).
And then holding the 0 or I for 5 seconds for deleting and adding.

After trying that a few times, at one time it was added to Homey, but only the Upper row of buttons.
Later, after deleting and adding a few times more, it somehow did both rows…

I created a workaround with flows to get it working. All devices where added to Homey. I couldn’t get the association working directly from the 4 button controller.