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ROBB smarrt Z-wave and Zigbee app (v1.1.4)

ROBB smarrt Z-wave and Zigbee app

This app adds support for the ROBB smarrt Z-wave and Zigbee devices sold by ROBBshop.nl working on the Z-wave and Zigbee protocol .



Supported devices

Z-wave devices

Zigbee devices

  • Dimmer - 3 wire (onoff-, dim- capabilities and ‘set forced brightness’ action card)
  • Switch (onoff capability)
  • Wall controller 4 button (Switch on, Switch off, Dim up / Key held (up), Dim down / Key held (down), Dim stop / Key released)
  • Wall controller 8 button (Switch on, Switch off, Dim up / Key held (up), Dim down / Key held (down), Dim stop / Key released)
  • More Zigbee devices will follow soon


Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Dutch


This app and driver development has been supported by:


Any requests please post them in the ROBB smarrt topic on the Athom Community forum or contact me on Slack
Please report issues at the issues section on Github otherwise in the above mentioned topic.

If possible, please report issues at the issues section on Github otherwise in the above mentioned topic.



v 1.1.4

  • Add support for Wall controller 2 button (Zigbee) (Switch on, Switch off, Dim up / Key held (up), Dim down / Key held (down), Dim stop / Key released)
  • Fixed battery reporting Zigbee Wall controllers
  • Updated inclusion information Zigbee Wall controllers
  • Prepared app and drivers for ‘Energy’ (Homey 3.0.0)

v 1.1.1

  • Add support for Wall controller RGBW (Z-Wave) (1x click, Key held, Key released, direct association towards other RGBW Z-wave devices)
  • Update inclusion text for Z-wave and Zigbee wall controllers

v 1.1.0

v 1.0.3

v 1.0.2

v 1.0.1

v 1.0.0

Frequently asked questions:

How do I add other devices to the association groups of the ROBB smarrt Wall controller devices

According to the manual:

Set association by operating primary controller/gateway to send association command to the remote control:
When set association from primary controller/gateway, the remote control shall be activated first, if it is not activated, you should activate it manually.
The primary controller/gateway sends association command to the remote control using “Command Class ASSOCIATION” or “Command Class Multi Channel Association”

It all comes down to timing of the actions… Since the device will only be awake (able to receive new settings) for 5 seconds.
Otherwise the changed settings should be communicated with the next wake-up, which could take up to 28800 seconds (wake-up interval).

Follow the next steps to create a direct association between ROBB smarrt Wall controller and another device in Homey’s network:
in Z-wave developer tools:

  1. Open the Z-wave developer tools at: https://developer.athom.com/tools/zwave
  2. Enable logging and filter on Node[151]: Marked as o where 151 is the node ID of the ROBB smarrt Wall controller device
  3. Press and hold the ‘I’ and ‘O’ of group 2 (upper rockers) for 3 seconds; you now should see a ‘Node[151]: Marked as online’ log followed by a ‘Node[151]: Marked as offline’ log 5 seconds later
  4. Look-up the Node ID of to be associated device, visible in the Nodes overview on the same page, in this example 221 (a Fibaro Dimmer-2)

in the Homey app:

  1. Open the device settings of the ROBB smarrt Wall controller device, go to Advanced settings
  2. In the Advanced settings, go to the associations section and check which button group you want to add the Fibaro Dimmer-2 to. Upper rockers = Group 2
  3. Add the node ID of the Fibaro Dimmer-2 (221) to the the desired group, in this example add 221 to Group 2
  4. press ‘< Advanced settings’ to go back to the Advanced settings
  5. Here comes the tricky part; keep an eye on the filtered Z-wave log and press and hold the ‘I’ and ‘O’ of group 2 (upper rockers) for 3 seconds to wake-up the ROBB smarrt Wall controller.
  6. Once you see the ‘Node[151]: Marked as online’ in the Z-wave log of the developers tools, press the check mark at the top right side of the Advanced settings to save the settings to the device
  7. if the timing is right, you should see the green banner: ‘Settings were saved

    And you should be able to control the dimmer-2 from the ROBB smarrt Wall controller device

in Z-wave developer tools:

  1. in the (unfiltered) Z-wave log, you can verify that the command was send successfully:
    Node[151]: sendData to COMMAND_CLASS_MULTI_CHANNEL_ASSOCIATION, params 0x0102dd
    Here: the ‘params’ can be devided into: 01 = SET, 02 = Group 2, dd = 0xdd = 221

Nice, looking forward to test this with the ZigBee units I have!

The initial app store release is ready for approval by Athom and will include the support for the following devices:

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@Sytze the Zigbee dimmer module will be added in the next app update; working on it at this moment

Great work @TedTolboom :+1: ; hope Athom approves the app soon

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Now available in the app store: https://apps.athom.com/app/nl.ROBBshop.ROBB-smarrt



A special @Sytze release has been uploaded to the app store (waiting for approval), with support for the Zigbee Dimmer module.

I’m quite impressed by this dimmer module and directly enabled (as bonus) the “set forced brightness” option I also implemented with the Fibaro Dimmer-2 and use quite a lot with the dimmers on the hallways / bathrooms.

What is the ‘Set Forced brightness’ option?
In normal operation, when switching on a dimmer, it will go back to the previous dim-level.
With the ‘Set forced brightness’ option enabled, when switching on the dimmer, it will go to the set dim-level (e.g. 80%).

This option can be enabled / changed in the devices advanced settings and through an added action card:
Changing it with a flow, enables to set different dim-levels (without changing the state of the device) throughout the day.
For example setting it to 80% during the day and a comfortable 30% during the night.

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Nice! And a very nice extra feature indeed. I’ll try to test it asap and report back, probably this Thursday.

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New addition to the FAQ:

I’ve just uploaded the v1.0.2 update of the ROBB smarrt app to the app store (waiting for approval):

Hey guys,

I really interested in the zigbee dimmer. Can someone compare the cons and pros to the Fibaro zwave Dimmer? My personal experience in my home is that zigbee is much better in range and reaction as my zwave network.

Teds xiaomi app and the Philips hue bridge do a fantastic stable job.

Now I think about to change more to zigbee. And the robb Dummer could be the first zigbee in-Wall switch. So i am curious if some could tell his experience. Please no marketing :wink:

@TedTolboom maybe you could enlighten me?

@PhilS I was hoping that another user would respond to your question.

My impressions (no marketing campaign) are quite positive, but also still limited to one device and one specific light bulb.

I do recognize your logic regarding Zigbee for home usage, which is also the reason why I will be using these dimmers, in combination with separate Zigbee light bulbs at my childrens rooms.

The v1.0.3 update of the ROBB smarrt app is already available in the app store, including support for the 2-wire Z-wave dimmer:

Thank you @TedTolboom for your answer!

Sorry, I wish I could’ve replied with something meaningful sooner. The unit does work fine! But the one place I really want this unit to work, is proving to be rather difficult to get a neutral wire to. So far I’ve therefor only used the unit in a testing setup.

Besides that: if you prefer Zigbee over Z-wave, this is a nice alternative to the Fibaro units. It uses the same kind of wiring, has similar capabilities and should improve meshing.

Not entirely commercially free though either: I do have some of these units laying around at home, if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Sytze!
I think I will test it now!

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Check out the devices at the ROBBshop

and don’t forget to use ROBBSMARRT as discount code during check out.

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