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ROBB smarrt Z-wave and Zigbee app (v1.3.1)

I am using the APP with the 4 button remote. If I create Homey flow I need to use a tag to identify the button that is pressed. What are the identifiers to be used for which button? I cannot find this in the manual. It only talks about direct association.

@Maarten_Hoeks you’re likely using the “a button has been pressed” card. Easiest solution is to use the “a scene has been activated” card.

The first provides the tags / logging capabilities. The latter is providing the options for selecting the button / action combination; ie. ‘Group 2’ and ‘pressed 2x‘

You are fully right. Thanks for your quick reply. I figured the key codes out by sending a notification after the key press but your option works much easier. Once again: Thanks!