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ROBB smarrt Z-wave and Zigbee app (v1.5.2 | TEST: v2.0.5)

I actually now managed to associate most of the blinds except for 2 just by continuing the process of deleting and then reinserting the association whilst the controller is “awake” - ie groups 2, 3 and 5 are now working.

I do still have 2 roller blinds that are refusing to associate with group 4 of the controller, these are as follows:

  • the roller blinds are on the system as #26 and node #27, the controller is node #50
  • the settings in advanced configuration are pointing to Node #50 in group 2 of the fibaro roller shutter 3
  • in the Robb Smarrt controller group 4 points to Nodes 26, 27

When I create the association, it says that association is saved and it shows under the advanced configuration, but nothing happens when actually pressing the buttons for group 4.

Many thanks.

I now got the last 2 blinds to work as well after repairing the Fibaro Shutter 3 with Homey, so I think the fault was with the Fibaro device not with the controller

@TedTolboom I’m trying to associate the 4 button controller with a walli dimmer. Maybe thats not supported yet? Have a nice holiday Ted!

@smeula thanks for reporting back!

Unfortunately, setting devices associations with battery powered devices is quite difficult; really depending on the right timing (and other communication)… but good to see that it is working out after a few retries.

That shouldn’t really matter.
Associations are set on the Robb smarrt device and not on the Walli.

I keep trying to associate the devices. But i never see the command_class_multi_channel_association in the logging.

2019-07-20T08:38:37.107Z Node[10]: Marked as online
2019-07-20T08:38:37.108Z Node[10]: Received application update: 0x18015e55989f6c
2019-07-20T08:38:40.608Z Node[10]: [COMMAND_CLASS_WAKE_UP] [WAKE_UP_NO_MORE_INFORMATION] {“type”:“Buffer”,“data”:}
2019-07-20T08:38:40.608Z Node[10]: sendData to COMMAND_CLASS_WAKE_UP, params 0x08
2019-07-20T08:38:40.608Z Node[10]: [COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY] [SECURITY_NONCE_GET] {“type”:“Buffer”,“data”:}
2019-07-20T08:38:40.609Z Node[10]: sendData to COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY, params 0x40
2019-07-20T08:38:40.625Z Command[155] start: sendData
2019-07-20T08:38:40.625Z ProcessSendData[134]: To node: 10 with data: 0x9840 and txOptions: AUTO_ROUTE,ACK,EXPLORE
2019-07-20T08:38:40.656Z Command[155] end: sendData
2019-07-20T08:38:40.679Z Node[10]: Received application command for COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY, data: 0x80fba239d8b79e1dd8
2019-07-20T08:38:40.679Z Node[10]: [COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY] {“Nonce byte”:{“type”:“Buffer”,“data”:[251,162,57,216,183,158,29,216]}}
2019-07-20T08:38:40.681Z Node[10]: [COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY] [SECURITY_MESSAGE_ENCAPSULATION] {“type”:“Buffer”,“data”:[190,187,39,183,92,153,81,54,102,99,66,251,197,50,112,84,64,14,50,221]}
2019-07-20T08:38:40.681Z Node[10]: sendData to COMMAND_CLASS_SECURITY, params 0x81bebb27b75c995136666342fbc5327054400e32dd
2019-07-20T08:38:40.681Z Command[156] start: sendData
2019-07-20T08:38:40.682Z ProcessSendData[135]: To node: 10 with data: 0x9881bebb27b75c995136666342fbc5327054400e32dd and txOptions: AUTO_ROUTE,ACK,EXPLORE
2019-07-20T08:38:40.718Z Command[156] end: sendData
2019-07-20T08:38:40.719Z Node[10]: Marked as offline

Any ideas? Or do i just keep on trying and hope that it will work someday :slight_smile:
Thx for your support Ted.

Just bought this one: https://www.robbshop.nl/wandzender-4v-zigbee-robb-smarrt
But I cannot add it with the app.
It tells me to hold the top 0/I-buttons for three seconds for the green LED.
(This takes about 6 seconds BTW)
But after that nothing happens.
After a few seconds the LED just goes off again.

Hmm, with the (generic non-Homey) manual I somehow managed to get it to work.
It says something about putting it in learn mode (5 seconds both buttons of group 1 (top 2 buttons)).
And then holding the 0 or I for 5 seconds for deleting and adding.

After trying that a few times, at one time it was added to Homey, but only the Upper row of buttons.
Later, after deleting and adding a few times more, it somehow did both rows…

I created a workaround with flows to get it working. All devices where added to Homey. I couldn’t get the association working directly from the 4 button controller.

Version 1.1.4 is available in the app store with below changelog:

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Any idea when this one will be included?

Hello all,

Not completely sure if this is the right place to ask but here goes… (please let me know if that has to be done somewhere else)

I was wondering if the Rob Smart z-wave INBOUWSCHAKELAAR Z-WAVE 1000W ROBB SMARRT will be supported in the near future? It works with the Fibaro HC2 but cannot get it included by the homey (I also tried as a regular z-wave device).

Thanks in advance for a response!

@Jeroen_W now on stock at ROBBshop.nl and supported in the v1.2.0 version of the ROBB smarrt app :wink:

v.1.2.0 adds support for the two new Z-wave and Zigbee rotary dimmers of ROBB smarrt, capable to operate in a 2-wire or 3-wire setup and supporting power and energy measurement. In addition the 5 channel Z-wave remote is added.

Details in below changelog; v1.2.0 is awaiting app store approval by Athom.

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@Rijckholt the Z-wave in-wall switch will be added in the next update, together with the Zigbee in-wall dimmer (2-wire)

When is the next update?
Will the “robb smarrt zwave switch 100-011-0” be supported?

Debugged the update with support for the Z-wave in-wall switch yesterday; will finalize this evening and submit to the app store first half of this week.

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@Rijckholt @Ramon_van_den_Berg support for the In-wall switch (Z-wave) as well as the In-wall dimmer with metering capabilities (Zigbee) has been added to v1.3.0 (full changelog see below).

The app has been submitted to the app store and will be available once Athom has approved it.

Thanks switch is working fine!

After update lost some direct links on the 8 button zigbee (7 lamps were linked). How come?

v1.3.1 of the app has been released to the app store, for approval of Athom, with some minor bug fixes as mentioned below: