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ROBB smarrt Z-wave and Zigbee app (v1.5.2)

I am using the APP with the 4 button remote. If I create Homey flow I need to use a tag to identify the button that is pressed. What are the identifiers to be used for which button? I cannot find this in the manual. It only talks about direct association.

@Maarten_Hoeks you’re likely using the “a button has been pressed” card. Easiest solution is to use the “a scene has been activated” card.

The first provides the tags / logging capabilities. The latter is providing the options for selecting the button / action combination; ie. ‘Group 2’ and ‘pressed 2x‘

You are fully right. Thanks for your quick reply. I figured the key codes out by sending a notification after the key press but your option works much easier. Once again: Thanks!

Any update? Just installed the dimmer. Unfortunately it cannot be added to the homey as the instructions sounds to remove it from the network. It never has bees added to z-wave network and the wizard never continue after the reset finished

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@RemcoV Athom implemented a forced approach to always first remove the device (to ensure that it was not registered to another network) and then add it again to Homey.

That means that you need to first exclude it (according to the proposed steps), succesfull exclusion will show first green checkmark. After that, you need to include it which will show a second green check mark. Did you trigger the dimmer twice?

For reference, which dimmer are you referring to?

Yes Indid this several times, but the dimmer NEVER go into the inclusion mode. Really frustrating

Vriendelijke groet,

Remco Vaal

@RemcoV which dimmer are you referring to, so I can try to reproduce / provide specific steps to solve…

The Zwave dimmer with rotary control.

Vriendelijke groet,

Remco Vaal

Hi, is there any chance you could add the Sunricher zwc-k8, the 8 button (4channel) zwave wallcontroller, the same as the one you already have but without scenes?

manufacturerId: 816
productTypeId: 3
productId: 41733

Should have mentioned @TedTolboom the great guru that makes it all happen :grinning:

Hi. I’m trying to add a Namron Zigbee 8 button wall controller, but just get the message “No compatible Homey app found for this device. It has been added as a simple Zigbee unit”. Can someone tell me if this is correct? Or am I doing something wrong? Can’t seem to pair with a Zigbee dimmer 2 wire (which is added to the network/Homey via the Robb app), and also get error messages when trying to use the app (240 and 205 I think it was).

Hi, i add two Wall controller -8 button (zigbee). Group 1,3 en 4 works fine, by both controller’s. But group 2 doesn’t work (controler 1 and controler 2). Any idea’s ?

Added in version 1.3.3

Werner, during binding of all clusters (4x 2 clusters), a communication error likely occured.
Try restarting the app and keep the wall controller alive by pressing any button until the app has restarted. During restart the device driver will re-initialize and check if any clusters are not binded.

Hello, I have now for several months the ROBBs Zigbee Rollershutter Controller, but this one is still not supported in the ROBB app for Homey (v.1.3.1).
When will support for these be added? Thanks!

I have the same, have jou news?

@Erik_Kempen and @Dolf_Hofman I expect to release a next version of the app with support for the wall plugs in the next days.

After that, I will release the update with support for both of the Z-wave as the Zigbee roller shutters. If no blocking issues arrise, I do expect to be able to release a test version (able to install from app store) by next weekend.

Would you be able to support testing and provide feedback once the test version is available?

I would certainly be willing to test and provide feedback. Although please note, I have not done any testing of pre-release versions yet on the Homey platform, so some instruction how to do that would be appreciated.

Yes, i Will test it.

I had some problems adding the 8 button zigbee wall controller, but finally got it added the way it should. Now I’m trying to set it up to work with 4 different lights/dimmers and trying the tip you give here with choosing “A scene has been activated”.

When I choose the “A scene has been activated” card, and then click on the “choose an object…” it keeps searching and then ends up with “No results”. I’m pretty new to this, and not sure exactly what to do, so probably doing something wrong.

Could you (or someone else) please help me with describing step by step what to do after I click on “choose an object”? I would really appriciate it.

When you have pressed “choose an object”, it should show a list of options you can choose from, like “Group 1 - on (I)”
If it doesn’t show and keeps spinning, can you retry and send me a diagnostics report: settings > apps > ROBB smarrt > app settings (wrench) > create diagnostics report ? Please mention your community name and the issue in the report.