ScreenLine Remote (v0.0.6) [WIP][Alpha Invite only]



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Work in Progress / Alpha available

Just to Inform you: I am working on a 433 App for the ScreenLine Remote.

The remote is produced by Pellini for their blinds between glass and sold under different names in various countries (fe : inblindz a.o. in The Netherlands)

The ScreenLine Remote type SL2392S159: and the corresponding receiver SL1963:

The Remote has 99 channels and one Group channel (00) where all registered Receivers react.

The App is in an early alpha state, just working registering and transmitting a short Pulse signal.
Multiple short signals can be used to create the long Pulse to Raise / lower complete.

Development is at the moment done by reverse engineering.

Current version: 0.0.5 Apha for invites available at:

Please contact me / send an PM with your Homey registered email if You want to test.
(I just want to make sure it works before I release something public)


  • Validate working signal at multiple Remotes/ Receivers
  • Add Single button Up/Down
  • Add separate Short Signals for Tilt
  • Add tilt capability
  • Calibration (for Height and Tilt )

Please note that this is a community App and is not official from inblindz or ScreenLine®/Pellini and there will be no support from inblindz, Pellini or Pellinindustrie concerning this App.

continuation of the discussion at


Info regarding on-going development:
I am in contact with inblindz and the Dutch representative in The Netherlands,

I borrowed a second remote and receiver to test and found a working signal definition that also works with the first Community member that contacted me.

The first tryout is recently re-written with help from Athom as a SDK2 App using the homey-config-composer and homey-rfdriver.

Still waiting for Homey 2.0 to implement the Tilt function the native way from Homey.