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Search functionality in flows and logica variables

Hi all,

Before anyone is concerned I have missed that Athom is not reading this forum and that I should open a feature request, I already opened a feature request a couple of months ago.

I am just wondering if some of you users also experience not having a search functionality in the v2 app as a missing feature in the flow and logica sections?

Are you missing it as a feature, please elaborate?
Are you not missing it as a feature, please elaborate?


I sure think it could help.

Yes. I totally agree.

Hi @jeroenvano, i’ve move this thread to the ideas and suggestion forum, which I think fits better than the ‘apps’.

@jeroenvano, Yes i really want that feature.

Currently i’am using the realtime Homey logger from @Erik (Erik van Dongen) for that purpose (https://github.com/irritanterik/homey-realtime-logpage). But the issue with that is that the bearer token is changing really often

Sure, that would be a helpful feature.