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Search functionality in flows and logica variables

Hi all,

Before anyone is concerned I have missed that Athom is not reading this forum and that I should open a feature request, I already opened a feature request a couple of months ago.

I am just wondering if some of you users also experience not having a search functionality in the v2 app as a missing feature in the flow and logica sections?

Are you missing it as a feature, please elaborate?
Are you not missing it as a feature, please elaborate?


I sure think it could help.

Yes. I totally agree.

Hi @jeroenvano, i’ve move this thread to the ideas and suggestion forum, which I think fits better than the ‘apps’.

@jeroenvano, Yes i really want that feature.

Currently i’am using the realtime Homey logger from @Erik (Erik van Dongen) for that purpose (https://github.com/irritanterik/homey-realtime-logpage). But the issue with that is that the bearer token is changing really often

Sure, that would be a helpful feature.

I am searching for a flow that I know that I have created and exist, but am unable to find it after a few months wanting to fine tune it … Happens on a weekly base now :worried:

This will also happen to you when you go beyond >500 flows if you accept that search functionality is not needed in the Homey app!

Searching for some community support here to also notify Athom that we need this feature desperately!