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Secure / Horstmann app

This app supports the Secure / Horstmann devices in homey.


Currently supported devices:

Supported Devices

SRT323 Thermostat

SRT321 Thermostat

SES302 Temperature Sensor

SES303 Temperature/Humidity Sensor

HRT4ZW Boiler control switch

Beta V0.1.7 should support SSR302 with both channels (available in appstore any day now)



I opened an issue on Github.

Hoping you might support the SIR321

Hi just received my Homey yesterday and trying to install Secure RT321 thermostat

When I add the 321 through Secure App I get following instructions:

as the Homey App won’t work in landscape and you can’t zoom in or out or pan left to right I cannot get the critical info OR see the URL for full instructions…

Sooooo close yet sooooo far…
Anyway the text could be wrapped to the screen so you can read it?

I’ll go off and find manuals as they may give insight, it would be extremely useful to be able to read these instructions.

Mine is a little better

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This is from the source code

"instruction": {
					"en": "Put thermostat in installer mode(dip switch 1 On), turn the dial to ‘L’ and press the dial.   Full instructions: https://forum.athom.com/discussion/comment/42270/#Comment_42270",
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Very helpful, appreciated …

Hopefully the App will be updated to make it a little easier for new users :slight_smile:

When looking at the Device Secure RT321 you have screen Thermostat Mode see…

What is this for ? What does it do ?

Any ideas would be helpful …



Did someone manage to add the SES 002 attached to a SES 303?