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Send serial commands via Homey

I own a receiver that only listens to commands via a serial interface (RS232). There’s no IP connection or app to control this device and also infrared is not ideal due to location of Homey. It’s only 4 commands that I need for now and feedback from the receiver to homey is not required.

What options do you see to let Homey control this device? I believe there are some apps that use serial commands over IP (P1 smart meter?).

These are the options that I see:

  • Purchase serial to IP converter (like this one). Still Homey needs to be able to send the commands to an IP.
  • Get started with arduino and homeyduino. I don’t have any experience with arduino, so this might be too challenging.
  • Homeyscript?

I think it’s going to be difficult without writing a Homey or an Arduino app (I initially thought that a combination of a serial-to-IP converter and HomeyScript could work, but it turns out that it’s not possible to create generic TCP/IP connections from HomeyScript).

If I understand correctly, the receiver can be controlled through IR as well. If so, you could look at the Broadlink RM devices. I have no experience with them whatsoever, but the Homey app states that they are WiFi-to-IR devices.