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Sensative Comfort

Hello Everybody, it’s the homey noob :slight_smile:

Well, my homey pro work wonderful with my Somfy rts roller shutter, thanks to the community… and it’s working great with Fibaro!

I have one sensative comfort strip to have exterior temperature and luminosity, but! Yes, but I have alarm on screen… water alarm, and hot temperature… I can’t desactivate, but perhaps it’s rules?

I have the same issue would like to solve this issue as well

Welcome @Age. I can’t used correctly with homey, for my blind and other

Try writing to support @ athom. They will check and possibly remove doubt if the app is the cause or some other background service. I’m using strips guard, works quite well in my case.

I have also the same problem…

I got the same problem and the developer of the app need to fix it or we can ask the community for creating a new app since the developer seems to be not a answering to the issue.

Contact support@athom.com They will try to get in contact with a developer if they are not able then TBD.