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Sensative Strips Status

I’ve just installed my Homey Pro and started with Sensative Strips Guard - the door contact sensors. However I’ve noticed that the status on the Strip app tile appears the wrong way round. When the contact is closed - an alarm is set, but when it is open, there is no alert. Surely it should be the other way round ? I want to be alerted when a window or door is opened, not when it is closed. However in flows, the logic appears the right way round i.e. when the contact is open, then the flow “Contact alarm turned on” is set.

Strange, I’m using them and they are normal in my case. Window closed no alarm, magnets apart alarm.

Maybe it is possible to reverse the status in the settings, as is the case with many other door/window sensors?

Thanks - I actually just left them and once I had installed the second one, then the indicator appeared to correct itself.